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Prestige Fruits - Ananas Citron Framboise 50ml
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  • Prestige Fruits - Ananas Citron Framboise 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Ananas Citron Framboise 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Ananas Citron Framboise 50ml

Prestige Fruits - Ananas Citron Framboise 50ml

Pineapple - Lemon - Raspberry

An ultra fruity and colorful blend for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. Prestige Fruits offers you a perfect balance between each fruit to enrobe you with sweetness and freshness.


A taste that is recognizable among 1000

Take a juicy pineapple with firm flesh, a ripe yellow lemon and a plump raspberry.

Add each fruit together and enjoy the musical notes between the intensity of the pineapple, the sweetness of the raspberry and the zest of the lemon to pep up your mouth! This is exclusively at Prestige Fruits. Simplicity and 100% fruit with a touch of freshness.

Dive into a world of intense and greedy fruit concentrated in an e-liquid just for you. There is only Prestige Fruits to make you live a daydream!

Fruits of character in a bottle!

If you have already tasted Prestige Fruits then you know that the Pineapple-Lemon-Raspberry e-liquid is a sure value for your taste buds.

Take the time to discover each fruit during your vape break. And take the first ticket to Bora-Bora one way.

Take a deckchair, feet in the water and enjoy a delicious fruit cocktail from Prestige Fruits.

The bartender will cut up a beautiful, juicy, sun-drenched pineapple in front of you. Its tender flesh and intense flavor will have you salivating from the first bite.

Add to this fruit some plump raspberries to give it a touch of sweetness and wild fruit.

To enhance this already perfect recipe, lemon zest binds the fruits together and gives the final touch: a lemon zest, well acidulated to give the right intensity to this recipe. All the fruits are precisely proportioned to allow you to enjoy each flavor.

Prestige Fruits offers you this journey with each puff of the e-liquid: Pineapple - Lemon - Raspberry.

You still don't believe it? Then test it directly!


Some indications on this e-liquid

Prestige Fruits has developed an e-liquid to travel to the other side of the world from the first puff.

Prestige Fruits is developed in France by Vape Connection. Thanks to months of research and patience, Prestige Fruits offers you new ultra fruity and fresh flavors ?

The base of this e-liquid in PG / VG is 50/50, devoid of nicotine. You can then add a nicotine booster.

Prestige Fruits is developed without sucralose.

It remains for you to test this wonder! Or test them all!


Even more novelty with Prestige Fruits

Have you already tried Prestige Fruits? Don't waste your time looking for the e-liquid that will make your heart and taste buds turn over. It is at Prestige Fruits.

With their know-how and especially their research to satisfy the vaping community, Prestige Fruits offers you new ultra fruity and fresh liquids, sublimated exclusively for you.

If you want to taste surprising but simple fruit associations that respect and highlight the fruit, it is at Prestige Fruits that you will find the best e-liquids.

Come and discover the multi-fruit e-liquid for a wake-up call full of vitamins or the blackcurrant-mango-candy candy for a sweet break.

All you have to do is taste it!



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50 ml
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Ready to vape

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FDS Prestige A C F 50ml

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