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Prestige Fruits - Gooseberry Blackcurrant Raspberry 50ml
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  • Prestige Fruits - Gooseberry Blackcurrant Raspberry 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Gooseberry Blackcurrant Raspberry 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Gooseberry Blackcurrant Raspberry 50ml

Prestige Fruits - Strawberry, Kiwi 50ml

Strawberry Kiwi

Prestige Fruits is proud to present one of its new juices: An e-liquid that is born from the simple union of two delicious fruits: Strawberries and kiwis. This combination works wonderfully and offers you vaping hours of sweetness and fruitiness!

A delight that can be vaped without moderation throughout the day.

Let yourself be seduced by these fruits selected with meticulousness and delicacy to offer you the best of e-liquids.

Prestige Fruits - Strawberry Kiwi is a wonderful association that has united beyond the forests. Each fruit has been picked with delicacy to be associated. Let yourself be seduced by the natural sweetness of each fruit and the character of each that combined creates perfection.

At the turn of a picking

Prestige Fruits has selected just for you the best fruits during a walk in the woods.

You can feel the character of each fruit. A very ripe and sweet strawberry that has bathed in the rays of the sun.

A game of character, acidity and sweetness is formed between each fruit to form a harmony in the juice.

To make this recipe a perfection, Prestige Fruits adds the perfect fruit: The kiwi. With its fleshy and sweet flesh, the kiwi gives sweetness to this variation of fruit.

Let yourself be seduced by this recipe with the sweet scents of a walk in the woods.

Some information about this new e-liquid:

The new Prestige Fruits e-liquid is wildly daring! Feel the character of each fruit which is intertwined and divided in the mouth to form an exceptional juice with captivating variations.

It is proposed in a 50ml bottle without nicotine. You can, however, boost it…

This new e-liquid is compatible with most kits on the market.

Entirely made in France by Vap Connection, Prestige Fruits brings its know-how and quality to all its juices!

This bottle is proposed without nicotine with a base of PG/VG of 50/50 for a perfect balance.

Tastes that come together and that are not alike

You have tested the new juice from Prestige Fruits – Strawberry Kiwi. Let us introduce you to the rest of the collection with the new one: Cotton Candy Fruit du Dragon and Fruit rouge.

An exceptional juice that is full of fruity, sweet variations and tangy touches. A juice with notes of red fruits that will delight your taste buds from the first puff.

Let yourself be seduced by another flavor from the Prestige Fruits collection with Ripe Strawberry! This juice is entirely fruity and sweetened with red fruits to spice up your day. Enjoy the character of each fruit brought together in an exceptional juice.

Prestige Fruits juices are available in different formats: 50ml for e-liquids, 30ml with a concentrated range and finally another selection for puffs! A brand that never ceases to surprise with its audacious and delicate recipes.

Let yourself be seduced by this range and order directly from Cig Access, the supplier and wholesaler of materials as well as products for electronic cigarettes.


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Flavor Type
50 ml
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Ready to vape

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