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Prestige Fruits - Strawberry, Kiwi 50ml
  • New
  • Prestige Fruits - Strawberry, Kiwi 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Strawberry, Kiwi 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Strawberry, Kiwi 50ml

Prestige Fruits - Cotton Candy, Dragon Fruit, Red Fruits 50ml

Cotton Candy, Dragon Fruit, Red Fruits

Prestige Fruits is back with a new flavor: Cotton Candy, Dragon Fruit and Red Fruits. This new juice is totally out if this world! It offers a variation of flavors inside its unique juice. Let yourself be seduced by a juice that reunites all the red fruits associated with a sweet touch brought by the cotton candy and the dragon fruit.

This wild tasty and exceptional combination to vape will give you a unique vaping experience. A sweet delight in the mouth and above all a unique fruity explosion to discover.

Only Prestige Fruits can offer you such an experience!

A perfect match

For lovers of red fruits vape, this juice is made for you. Let yourself be seduced by a unique flavor that offers you an unequaled explosion in the mouth. Get acquainted with fresh and wild red fruits picked with care.

Each fruit had time to mellow in the sun and to gorge itself with juice to feel all the characteristics of each aroma. Feel the delicacy but also the strength and acidity that is present.

A guaranteed pep with every puff.

Added to this recipe a delicious dragon fruit for an extra dose of fruitiness and a light and seductive scent of fresh fruit at the same time.

To make this recipe a total perfection, Prestige Fruits adds a Cotton Candy to it to give a dose of greed. The Cotton Candy will underline the fruitiness and soften the present acidity.

A perfect balance is created between these 3 elements to form an exceptional juice.

Prestige Fruits offers you here a fashioned, delicious and totally audacious recipe. Let yourself be carried away by a cloud of delicacy!

Some information about this new juice:

Prestige Fruits has offered you a totally crazy juice: Cotton Candy Dragon Fruit and Red Fruits. This association between red fruits, sweet and light Dragon fruit with Cotton Candy for its gluttony creates the general surprise by its harmony and its power.

This juice is created in France by Vap Connection. It can be stored in a 50ml bottle completely devoid of nicotine. You have the option to boost it.

Let yourself be seduced by a balanced juice with a base of PG/VG of 50/50.

Prestige Fruits offers you exceptional juices that reforge creativity with unchanged know-how.

Do you want to discover something else?

Prestige Fruits does not stop there and offers you other exceptional experiences. Let yourself be seduced by a multi-faceted collection that is constantly being reinvented.

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
Flavor Type
50 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape
Dragon fruit
Cotton candy
Red fruits

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