Prestige Fruits - Multifruits 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Multifruits 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Multifruits 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Multifruits 50ml

Prestige Fruits - Cassis Mangue Barbe à papa 50ml

Blackcurrant-Mango-Candy Candy

The meeting of fruits and a delicacy so much appreciated by little and big children!

Mango, blackcurrant and cotton candy. An e-liquid that contains a lot of tenderness and sweetness!


A damn joyful meeting

At the turn of a party, the cotton candy so appreciated by big children as well as small ones made its show. Prestige Fruits being the specialist of fruity e-liquids comes back with a new recipe by integrating the cotton candy. You will discover a preview of the mixture between fairground delicacies and sweet and intense fruits.

An ultra greedy association

Prestige Fruits has prepared an e-liquid gourmand and balanced between candy and fruit.

Imagine yourself at a carnival. A sudden desire for cotton candy makes you want. This sugar puff and pink around a wooden spade that makes you salivate with desire. Feel the lightness of the pink cloud and the ultra greedy taste of the sugar.

You come back to it again and again. But it lacks freshness, doesn't it? So Prestige Fruits imagined combining cotton candy with tasty fruits and especially intensely sweet and fruity to not break the taste of cotton candy, but sublimate it.

The plump, juicy mango with its recognizable taste will give the cotton candy its natural sweetness. In order to cut this sweetness, the blackcurrant is going to come to give some pep and to underline the two other products.

You have here a cotton candy twice as tasty with the integration of sweet fruits.

In order to savor a perfect delicacy, Prestige Fruits integrates a swirl of freshness to allow you to come back again and again on this fruity cotton candy.

A daring blend! But so good in the mouth.

Your taste buds will not return!


Some indications on this e-liquid

Prestige Fruits created its e-liquids in France by Vape Connection.

You can find this e-liquid in a bottle of 50ml always devoid of sucralose and nicotine. In addition, it is possible to add a nicotine booster to boost your e-liquid. It's up to you.

Its PG / VG base remains unchanged: 50/50.


Want something new?

At Prestige Fruits, the renewal is done constantly. It develops new recipes around the fruits and associations.

Prestige Fruits offers you a 100% fruit e-liquid with Multifruits or for those in need of freshness and exoticism Pineapple-Lemon-Raspberry.

If you liked Prestige Fruits Blackcurrant Cotton Candy and Mango, you will love the others.

Try them all without further delay!


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Flavor Type
Flavor Type
50 ml
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Ready to vape

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