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Prestige Fruits - Prestige Fruit - Cactus Kiwi 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Prestige Fruit - Cactus Kiwi 50ml
  • Prestige Fruits - Prestige Fruit - Cactus Kiwi 50ml

Prestige Fruits - Cactus Kiwi 50ml

Cactus – Kiwi


When you mix Cactus with kiwi fruit and add a few ice cubes, you have the ideal recipe for a good juice.

To consume without moderation!


Spicy and sweet tasting with a colorful e-liquid!

Do you want to taste new combinations of flavors? Trust Prestige Fruit to help you discover new ones. Choose Prestige Fruit Cactus-Kiwi. An association with similar colors, but with very different tastes.

Dive into a spicy universe and discover all the subtlety and sweetness that causes the mix of these two fruits.

The e-liquid Prestige Fruit Cactus-Kiwi is found in a bottle of 50 ml in a 50/50 base of PG / VG.

This delicious blend is developed in the south of France at Vape Connection.

When you mix Cactus with kiwi and some ice cubes, you find the ideal recipe for making a good juice.


To consume without moderation

Without Sucralose

The labels on the e-liquid vials are multilingual (FR, EN, BE, DE, NL, IT, ES)

PVMC: 19.90

Green fruits, but with different characters

You like the taste of adventure? Looking for an e-liquid to make you travel the world, looking for new tastes? You are very well fallen. Prestige Fruit offers a winning combo : Cactus-kiwi. Two fruits with a thorny and unappealing exterior, but inside overflowing with freshness and sweetness. This combo will make you see some green and not so green. A colorful juice to delight your taste buds. Smell these sun-drenched fruits, which have been well enjoyed, and bite into these juicy, tender and sweet fruits at the same time. You have the sweetness of the kiwi that is enhanced and pulsed by the flesh of the cactus. A perfect blend for the morning and throughout the day. To be consumed without moderation, whether the weather is good or bad. This juice will put you in a good mood in any circumstances.


A sometimes deceptive, but surprising appearance

The appearance of these fruits could well mislead you to determine their tastes. Let yourself be surprised by the Cactus-Kiwi e-liquid. The sweet juice of the cactus will enhance that of the kiwi. These different pieces of fruit are carefully selected and sorted to have sweet and sour to balance the tastes. Treat yourself to the juicy flesh of the cactus and the soft, tangy flesh of the kiwi in one puff of Prestige Fruit Cactus-Kiwi.

Go on an adventure with each taste of this liquid.

You'll be amazed at the generous and tasty flavor that this liquid is packed with. Enjoy all these explosions in one puff of this magical blend.


A few words about this intense and unique blend

By its uniqueness and creativity Prestige Fruit, develops liquids for all to satisfy all the gourmets of the vap.

Find the fruity universe of Prestige in e-liquids all colorful that it is :

- Apple

- Strawberry

- Raspberry

- Apricot

- Peach

- Mango

- Cactus

- Kiwi ....

There is one made for you among the whole range of Prestige Fruits!

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
Flavor Type
50 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape

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