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Tribal - Vora 100ml

Tribal Vora 100ml. A fresh blue raspberry base combined with an Italian lemonade.

A surprising recipe that will make you travel gustatively between countries.

Find the distinct flavor of blue raspberry highlighted by lemonade from Italy.

Each ingredient will be welcomed like fireworks by your palate.

If you want to introduce new flavors and fruits to your customers, Vora is for you.

Who would have bet on the association between blue raspberries and Italian lemonade? Vora offers you this experience in an exceptional e-liquid!

So, do not wait any longer and order it! It is waiting for you!

A gustatory journey from border to border

Tribal offers a new flavor ready to vape. In this new recipe, it will seek its products further than usual.

Take your ticket, sunglasses and hat to Italy. A country with a singing language! Take a seat on the terrace and enjoy a delicious lemonade with a slice of lemon.

This drink so atypical from there is prepared with only concentrated lemons and cultivated in the south of Italy.

Vora offers a refreshing and sparkling lemonade with delicious sweet and sour notes in a perfect balance.

Now grab a ticket to the North American West. Put on boots and tunics and head out to the wild to pick blue raspberries. Traditionally used for dairy desserts, these raspberries will give the pep's, a dash of acidity, but also lightness and fruitiness to this e-liquid. Combine the two to get Vora!

So you are convinced by this recipe? Order now Vora before there is no more!


Some lines of presentation of this e-liquid

Tribal offers an e-liquid enclosed in a bottle of 100ml.

Its base PG / VG is 30 / 70. To put a little pep in this ready to vaper. It is possible to add a booster to your juice.

Do not let this little gem of e-liquid pass you under the nose and order! Your customers vapoteurs will love it! It is even sure!


Tribal offers other surprising and fruity e-liquids!

Tribal offers 5 other flavors of the range.

Fruits and freshness condensed in a ready to vaper!

Tribal travels miles to find the best fruit for its e-liquid. An exceptional search to deliver the best in ready to vaper.

Find Dracus, a mixture of wild strawberries and kiwis from wild gardens. A fruity mixture raised by a point of freshness. A perfect e-liquid for lovers of fruity and fresh juice.

Aura can also surprise the most adventurous among them with a trip between the East and the West. Blueberries infused in Paan that will give all the sweetness and a minty touch to this e-liquid: Aura.

So you are convinced? Do not wait any longer to come and test the other flavors of the Tribal range. Order now your e-liquid from Cig Access, supplier and wholesaler of products and materials for electronic cigarettes.


Data sheet

Flavor Type
100 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape

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