• Full Moon - Dark 50ML
  • Full Moon - Dark 50ML

Full Moon - Dark 50ML 40/60

Dark by Full Moon is a fresh liquid with a delicious taste of red fruits, with a touch of blueberry and blackberry.

A tasty e-liquid that is waiting just for you!

A walk in the deep woods

Full Moon takes you to pick red fruits for its recipe… Dark.

Grab your boots and basket and head out in the late afternoon when the sun begins to slip away to go fruit picking.

Take the advantages of this picking to take a walk and smell the fresh air of the woods. This smell of grass, wet wood, the smell of trees and many more...

Kneel to the ground to pick up wild strawberries. On your left a pile of brambles contains and protects delicious juicy blackberries.

To your right a little further, a shrub offers you fragrant and juicy blueberries.

With your red fruits, blackberry and blueberry in your basket, you have everything you need to create Dark. A fabulous e-liquid with a woody scent.

Full Moon adds a touch of freshness to give this recipe a little more pep.

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Some information about this e-liquid:

Full Moon develops Malaysian blends packaged in France. This 50 ml bottle contains all the flavors of a ready-to-vape ultra-fruity and sweet juice at the same time.

Each fruit has been carefully selected to give you maximum bliss to your palate.

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Full Moon develops e-liquids exclusively for you, to make you travel around the world

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
Flavor Type
50 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape
Red fruits

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