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Heaven Haze - Smores Ice Cream 100ML
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  • Heaven Haze - Smores Ice Cream 100ML

Heaven Haze - Smores Ice Cream 100ML

Ice cream-Graham crackers-Chocolate-Marshmallow

Heaven Haze's Smores Ice Cream features a rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate in the center.


An ultra gourmet e-liquid

Who says that the combination of candy, chocolate and ice cream doesn't work? Too sweet you say? Well, wait to taste before you judge. Powerful and greedy notes between the flowing hot chocolate, the melting marshmallow just warm and its crunchy cookie to dive into a frosted and vanilla ice cream. An explosion of flavor guaranteed!

This quartet of flavors will envelop you in sweetness and carry you on a little cloud. You won't be able to come back down.

70% VG / 30% PG

A classic would you say? A delicacy would say the others!

To give a little greed and pep in your day, Heaven Haze creates an e-liquid exclusively for you. Travel to America and enjoy a typical dessert.

Light a pan, melt your chocolate so that it becomes runny. Add your marshmallow so that they melt in contact with the chocolate. With your graham cracker, dip into the pan to collect this fabulous mixture. Place on a plate with smooth ice cream. All that's left to do is enjoy with a spoon. Are you convinced? Heaven Haze takes this recipe and concentrates it in a sweet and greedy e-liquid.

What to awaken your taste buds in contact with this e-liquid. Make this gustatory journey to America through the vanilla of Madagascar. What to wake you up and move you throughout the day.


Some additional information about this product

Smores Ice Cream is an e-liquid created in the UK by Heaven Haze. Their goal is to transform desserts into an e-liquid to vapourize all day a delicacy.

You will find it in a bottle of 100 ml.

This one is devoid of nicotine. You can add if necessary a nicotine booster according to your needs. Its base is composed of PG / VG in 30 / 70.

It only remains to test these new products!


Frozen desserts in e-liquids

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There is one made for you!

Choose from the wide range of Heaven Haze and don't miss a single new product.


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