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Heaven Haze - Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream 100ML
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  • Heaven Haze - Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream 100ML

Heaven Haze - Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream 100ML

Grape - Blackcurrant - Ice Cream

Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream by Heaven Haze is a fusion of grape and black currant flavors that is then blended into a delicately smooth ice cream.


Blue fruits and a smooth cream

Need your break? Maybe a sweet treat? Heaven Haze offers Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice cream. A fruity recipe with a duo of fruits! Grape and blackcurrant. Greediness, fruit and acidity guaranteed.

The blackcurrant has a sweet taste, but also acidulous to come to break the roundness and the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. The grape gives a softer taste. It is also more fleshy.
Heaven Haze offers you here, a greedy and fruity association.
Dive into a fruity and fresh dessert at the same time, to enjoy a colorful e-liquid.


70% VG / 30% PG

From roundness to acidity through a wind of freshness.

Succumb to a new recipe mixing the freshness of ice cream and the sweetness of fruit.

Heaven Haze offers you to update the taste of desserts in the form of e-liquids. Imagine yourself picking good ripe grapes and juicy blackcurrants. Just ripe, they will form a delicious mixture for your dessert. Garnish your sweet and sour fruit with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You'll wake up your taste buds. Heaven Haze offers you this experience. An original dessert concentrated in an e-liquid. Something to amaze you and to move you throughout the day.

Let yourself be seduced by the know-how of Heaven Haze and their great recipe all more original than the others.

Enjoy a fruit dessert on Monday and candy on Friday. Change flavors as you please with Heaven Haze.


Some information about e-liquids

Icy Grape Blackcurrant is an e-liquid developed in the UK. Heaven Haze creates a range with a common base of ice cream. An originality in the retranscription of tastes in e-liquids.

You can enjoy your e-liquid always in bottle of 100 ml.

The base PG / VG is 30 / 70. Icy Grape Blackcurrant is devoid of nicotine. You can add a booster as you see fit.

Let yourself be tempted by the freshness and original recipes of Heaven Haze.


Flavor combinations and ice cream novelties

Do you want to change your taste every week? Want to make new experiences? Heaven Haze has created for you a new range of e-liquids with ice cream as the main base with a hint of vanilla.

You can change flavors every day with the wide range of e-liquids that Heaven Haze offers.

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You will find a flavor among these desserts that suits you. Opt for the know-how and value of artisanal ice cream concentrated in an e-liquid signed Heaven Haze.


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