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Heaven Haze - Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream 100ML
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  • Heaven Haze - Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream 100ML

Heaven Haze - Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream 100ML

Lemon Raspberry Yoghurt Cream


Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry from Heaven Haze offers a rich ice cream with a smooth lemon and raspberry yogurt.


A gourmet e-liquid to discover without further delay

Come to the discovery of a greedy and fruity e-liquid to vapoter directly. A subtle blend between the sweet and fruity raspberry. Associated with it a yogurt with yellow lemon, tangy and creamy. And to finish, a good home-made ice cream. Something to enjoy throughout the day. You will not forget to make your breaks to vapoter this delicious mixture of fruits and greed.

You will travel gustatory between the smoothness of this yogurt ice cream, the zest of acidity of the yellow lemon and of course the sweet and greedy fruit of the raspberry. A treat for vaping without limits and without moderation.

70% VG / 30% PG

A gourmet pleasure for big kids

Have you discovered Heaven Haze's new sweet and creamy flavor? A Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream, made just for you. Imagine yourself on a seaside, a sudden craving for ice cream and fruit. The ice cream maker serves you a scoop of homemade yogurt ice cream, topped with fresh vanilla. On top, he places fresh, plump, juicy raspberries to add sweetness and fruitiness to your dessert. Add a squeeze of lemon zest on top to break up the sweetness and give the dish a kick and acidity. You'll enjoy a moment of pure dessert pleasure. Heaven Haze has concentrated just for you, this dessert and all these sensations in its e-liquid Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream.

You can enjoy these flavors throughout the day. And treat your taste buds at every moment.

Travel gustatory with each puff of Yoghurt Lemon Raspberry Ice Cream.


Some useful information about this product

Heaven Haze creates its e-liquids in the United Kingdom in a bottle of 100 ml. Composed of a base of PG / VG 30 / 70, Yoghurt Lemon Rasberry Ice Cream is an e-liquid that requires an electronic cigarette performance, whose resistance must be less than 1 ohm. This e-liquid is part of the fatty types where the need to have a powerful equipment to be able to taste it properly.

This e-liquid is devoid of nicotine. You can however add a booster according to your desire.

Let yourself be tempted by the freshness of the fruit, the acidity of the lemon and the smoothness of the vanilla cream!


Looking for a change?

Heaven Haze offers a multitude of flavors in e-liquids to allow you to enjoy a new flavor every day.

In its new collection of the moment, Heaven Haze offers you fruity and gourmet e-liquids with an ice cream to coat you with freshness. Enjoy a fruity and gourmet e-liquid with each expiration.

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Your choice!




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