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Heaven Haze - Berries Double Dip Ice Cream 100ML
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  • Heaven Haze - Berries Double Dip Ice Cream 100ML

Heaven Haze - Berries Double Dip Ice Cream 100ML

Wild Berries-Blueberries-Strawberries-Ice Cream


Heaven Haze Berries Double Dip Ice Cream is a fantastic dessert flavor blending sweet cherries and fresh vanilla into a cool, creamy ice cream.


A combo of freshness and sweetness

Looking for a change ? Choose Heaven Haze-Berries Double Dip Ice Cream.

Heaven Haze offers a new flavor in e-liquids. You dream of a flavor of escape ? Let yourself be crossed by a wind of freshness brought by the ice cream. A note of acidity and fruitiness raised with red fruits. Let yourself be transported in this gustatory journey all in softness.

70% VG / 30% PG

A wave of sweetness and freshness of fruits

Berries Double Dip Ice Cream, comes in a 100ml bottle. Heaven Haze elaborates a refreshing and innovative recipe. You know Heaven Haze's ice creams well? Their objectives, to take back these tastes so irresistible and which made their fame. It transforms these flavors to obtain an e-liquid.

Take good wild strawberries, all just picked in the undergrowth. All fresh, red and juicy they will complement the creamy vanilla ice cream.

Next, pick succulent wild berries from the brambles. With their juicy and acidic taste, they will add a little pep to the mix.

And finally, add wild blueberries and their blue, black colors to bring back sweetness and acidity. Sprinkle these fruits on the ice cream to obtain a delicious and subtle dish. Heaven Haze offers this experience in its e-liquid. Take a single puff of this dish and travel between the freshness of the ice cream and the fruity, acid and sweetness of the fruit. A treat for the taste buds. You will have the impression of eating a fruit ice cream on a terrace in the middle of July.

Let yourself be tempted by this fruity and juicy flavor to spend a break in the angels.


Some practical information about this e-liquid

Developed in the UK, Heaven Haze launches new flavors in e-liquids. Berries Double Dip Ice Cream is offered in a bottle of 100 ml. The e-liquid is composed of a base of PG / VG of 30 / 70. In order to be able to taste it, it is important to have a powerful electronic cigarette whose resistance is lower than 1 ohm, because this mixture is of fatty type.

This e-liquid is devoid of nicotine. You can then add a booster if you need it.

So, do not hesitate and place an order!


Des e-liquides tous innovants, fruités et gourmands à la fois

You want to change or taste something else ? You are at the right address. Heaven Haze offers a new collection of e-liquids to satisfy your taste buds.

For more spring flavors, choose the Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream always in 100 ml.

For a jump in the tropics, opt for Aloha Mix Pineapple Pinacolada Ice Cream. A true mix of colorful holidays.

It's up to you to choose among the wide range that Heaven Haze offers, the one that will make you travel!

There is one that is made for you ! So let yourself be seduced by a know-how.


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