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Across Vape - Roulette RTA 22mm
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  • Across Vape - Roulette RTA 22mm
  • Across Vape - Roulette RTA 22mm

Across Vape - Roulette RTA 22mm

The RTA Roulette from Across Vape is a 22mm reconstructable atomizer, it has a 3.5ml capacity tank.

As the name suggests, this atomizer has a notched wheel inserted into the body of your atomizer, to better manage the airflow, without touching your montages.

The filling is done from the top, unscrewing the top cap. It also has a liquid inlet adjustment, which is adjusted via the base of the drip tip.

The adjustment of the air flow is done via the wheel present on the base of the atomizer it is as well intended for the followers of MTL and those of DL mono coil.

This atomizer is supplied with 2 casters to be able according to the type of vape that you have chosen MTL or DL:

  • For the MTL avec 3 possibilities de réglage: A : 1 x 0.8mm, B : 2 x0.9mm, C : 3x 0.9mm.
  • For the DL avec deux possibilities: A : une fente de 1.8mm x 3.0mm, B : 4 trous de 1mm.

A real joy!


Caractéristiques :

  • Type de montage : Simple coil
  • Type de réservoir : Tank (RTA)
  • Remplissage par le haut
  • Réservoir : 3.5ml
  • Airflow réglable
  • Drip Tip 510
  • Diamètre plateau : 22mm
  • Pas de vis 510
  • Largeur : 22 mm

Contenu du kit :

  • 1 Roulette RTA
  • 1 Module d'airflow DL
  • 1 Module d'airflow MTL
  • 1 Lot de pièces de rechange

Data sheet

3 ml

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