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Heaven Haze - Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 100ML
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  • Heaven Haze - Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 100ML

Heaven Haze - Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 100ML

Ice Cream – Cherries

Heaven Haze's Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream features a creamy vanilla ice cream base with a touch of fresh cherries on top. It's so good!



Fruity flavor and freshness guaranteed

Come to the discovery of Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream in 100 ml from Heaven Haze. An ultra gourmet e-liquid for gourmets of the vape.

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream is ultra fruity and greedy. Its delicious ice cream is sprinkled with wild vanilla to give a sweet and tropical taste. The red, round and juicy cherries will be delicately placed on this creamy ice cream. The creation of a perfect combo between the roundness of the fruit and the sweetness of the ice cream.

What to awaken your taste buds for a gustatory journey all in softness and lightness.

70% VG / 30% PG

A frenzied dance of sweet flavors

Discover a subtle new parfait with simple ingredients. A vanilla bean, ice cream and cherries. Nothing could be simpler! But wait and see!

Heaven Haze, elaborates a sweet and greedy e-liquid with a unique base: ice cream. An ideal standard for the summer. Crunch the red and juicy cherry between your teeth. A sweet flavor invades you between the fruity and the natural sweetness of the fruit. Add a nice smooth ice cream on the side. Delicately cut a piece of it with a spoon to mix it with the fruity taste of the cherries. In the mouth, an explosion of flavors bursts for your greatest pleasure. Sprinkle some wild vanilla on the dish! You will melt with pleasure under this flavor and will not be able to do without it. It's irresistibly good!

Let yourself be lulled by the tenderness and delicacy of these dishes. You will return again and again until the end of the greed.

So, do not hesitate and order now your e-liquid!

Your breaks vapes will not happen in the same way! Try Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream from Heaven Haze.


Some information about the e-liquid

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream is created in the United Kingdom. You find this e-liquid in a bottle of 100 ml devoid of nicotine.

But you can perfectly add a nicotine boost according to your needs.

Test now a product where the tastes are present and will make you salivate with happiness.

Feel each taste separately with each breath to come and mix them at the expiration. A sweet and greedy dance at every moment! Enjoy the sweet taste of fruits and frosted ice cream to refresh you in summer. Enjoy this subtle blend with your feet in the water or at the office.


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