Cloud's of Lolo - Mikaloff Aroma Concentrate 30ML
  • Cloud's of Lolo - Mikaloff Aroma Concentrate 30ML
  • Cloud's of Lolo Premium - RA Concentrate 30ML

Cloud's of Lolo Premium - RA Concentrate 30ML

Mikaloff concentrate is a Russian cake made of almond powder and hazelnuts, between which is a praline cream.If you're looking for a vaping experience that transports you back to ancient Egypt, then you should try Cloud's Of Lolo Premium - RA Concentrate 30ml. This recently introduced line of 30ml concentrates has distinct flavors that are influenced by Egyptian deities, starting with RA, which is incredibly palatable with its blend of dragon fruit, cherry and pomegranate. St. Cloud's Of Lolo has created an exceptional concentrate with this new line.


Notice to all vape enthusiasts! Looking for the ultimate fruity and gourmet vaping experience? Look no further than Cloud's of Lolo Premium - RA Concentrate 30ML! This premium concentrate is the perfect addition to your vape collection, offering a delectable blend of dragon fruit, cherry and pomegranate.

And that's not all - Cloud's of Lolo Premium has expanded its line to include ten unique concentrates

Some information about this concentrate

Cloud's Of Lolo is releasing a new range: Cloud's Of Lolo Premium in the image of ancient Egypt.

This new line takes you on a colorful adventure through the cultures and historical passages of Egypt.

Find this concentrate in 30ml format!

Discover the other concentrates of the range

In this new range, Cloud's Of Lolo Premium does not stop at 5 concentrates, but 10! Unique flavors with a greedy and fruity scent!

Come and discover after RA, Dragon Fruit, Cherry and Pomegranate.

To continue this series, the range offers Sekhmet. A gourmet concentrate with a sweet flavor and a caramel popcorn.

Come and try Seth, a taste of bubblegum, honeydew, melon.

So convinced by this new range?

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es and appetizing, each with its own flavor profile. If you're ready to take it to the next level, come and discover the other concentrates in this range!

RA is a fabulous fruity concentrate that will transport you to the exotic land of Egypt, where the gods themselves indulged in the finest flavors. One whiff of this delicious concoction will have you hooked on its irresistible aroma.

First name used to designate the Sun in Egyptian, then the most usual name of the solar god, first god of the Egyptian pantheon. Represented in the form of a man with a falcon's head, he carries on his head the solar disk. In Heliopolis, he is the creator of the world.

Order from Cig Access, the leading supplier and wholesaler of vaping supplies and equipment, and get ready for the ultimate vaping adventure. Don't miss the chance to try Cloud's of Lolo Premium - RA Concentrate 30ML and all the other incredible concentrates in this line. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!


Data sheet

Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Dragon fruit

Specific References

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