Cloud's of Lolo Prenium - Seth Concentrate 30ML
  • Cloud's of Lolo Prenium - Seth Concentrate 30ML
  • Cloud's of Lolo Premium - Sekmet Concentrate 30ML

Cloud's of Lolo Premium - Sekmet Concentrate 30ML

If you're looking for a vaping experience that transports you to ancient Egypt, then Cloud's Of Lolo Premium - Sekmet Concentrate 30ml is what you need. This latest collection of 30ml concentrates features exclusive flavors inspired by Egyptian deities, starting with Sekmet, which is a delicious combination of popcorn and caramel. With this new line, St. Cloud's Of Lolo has created a remarkable concentrate that is sure to delight your taste buds.


Are you ready to embark on a tasty journey to ancient Egypt with Cloud's of Lolo Premium - Sekmet Concentrate 30ML? This premium concentrate is part of a new line of not 5, but 10 unique and delicious flavors that will transport your taste buds to a whole new realm of flavor.

Sekmet is a perfect blend of popcorn and caramel that will delight your senses with its sweet and salty flavors. It's like having a movie theater snack in a bottle! The aroma alone will make you feel like a god or goddess, just like the goddess Sekmet, who was considered the protector of the pharaohs.

The goddess Sekhmet is typically depicted in Egypt as a lioness-headed woman, which immediately emphasizes her powerful and dangerous character. This notion is also expressed by the name Sekhmet which means "the powerful one" in Egyptian.

This bottle of 30ML of Sekmet concentrate will offer you infinite possibilities for your creations of e-liquids DIY. The greedy and fruity scent of this concentrate will make you want to take it again with each puff.

So what are you waiting for? Come and discover the other concentrates of the range and find the real taste of Egypt with Cloud's of Lolo Premium - Sekmet Concentrate 30ML. Get ready to plunge into the world of indulgence with this unique concentrate. Don't miss the opportunity to up your vaping game with this premium product.

Some information about this concentrate

Cloud's Of Lolo releases a new range: Cloud's Of Lolo Premium in the image of ancient Egypt.

This new range takes you on a colorful adventure into the cultures and historical passages of Egypt.

Find this concentrate in 30ml format!

Discover the other concentrates of the range

In this new range, Cloud's Of Lolo Premium does not stop at 5 concentrates, but 10! Unique flavors with a gourmet and fruity scent!

Come to discover after Sekmet, Pop Corne Caramel but wait to discover the fabulous Seth. A greedy and fruity concentrate with a good taste of bubblegum, Honeydew and melon.

To continue this series, the range offers Thot. A greedy concentrate with milk cake.

So convinced by this new range?

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Pop corn

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