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Dotmod - Dotstick Revo

Dotmod presents its brand new Dotstick Revo.

This one has a capacitor, which allows an ultra fast charge of 4 minutes (with an adequate charger) and especially to have a life expectancy much higher than lithium batteries.

The Dotstick Revo has a brand new design while maintaining its identity. It comes in 6 colors to match your style all summer long. Its tank remains transparent to allow you to follow the level of your juice and thus contemplate the new coil.

Dotmod also offers a new coil, the dotcoil 0.9ohm, compatible with the Dotaio v2, the Dotank 25 and the new Dotstick Revo. Not bad at all!

A new accessory also takes place in the range, it is the Dotstick Revo charger. It is a 30w USB-C wall plug.
So don't wait any longer and place your order now!


A new skin

Dotmod is back with a new product: The DotStick Revo. This one offers an unusual experience for Dotmod and quality pod lovers.

Its style changes to offer something new. It comes in 6 trendy colors. Its soft plastic alloy allows to see through and let appear the dotmod design.


A replacement tank

To complete the kit, Dotmod offers a replacement tank for the DotStick Revo. It embeds a capacity of 3.5ml. Inside the tank, you will find a coil of 0.9ohm. It is also compatible with the DotCoil 0.7ohm and 0.3ohm.

Tank DotStick

Simple and powerful

To make the DotStick Revo attractive, Dotmod offers a simple use by integrating only a button of firing.

Its integrated battery allows it to deliver up to 700mAh of power. Plus, at the base of the Revo, you can recharge the battery through the USB-C port.

Between power, quality and style, the new DotStick Revo from Dotmod is a must have!

Dotmod - DotStick RevoFeatures:

Supercapacitor equivalent to a 700 mAh lithium-ion battery
3.5 ml tank
Output range 5w - 35w
Compatible with all dotCoils of 0.3 ohm or higher (dotAIO V2 & dotTank 25mm)
5 minute charge with 30w+ charger (sold separately)
Available in 6 colors (Clear, Smoke, Green, Orange, Red, Purple)

Package Contents:

One Revo dotStick
3.5 ml tank (PCTG)
One 0.7 Ohm dotCoil
One dotCoil 0,9 Ohm
An additional Drip Tip


Data sheet

3.5 ml
Accu type
Integrated battery
Kit/Mod type
Ohm Ω
0.9 Ω
Ohm Ω
0.7 Ω

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