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Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
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  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W
  • Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W

Wotofo - MDura Mod 200W

Pure power with the new Wotofo MDura 200W!

The MDura Box Mod is a high performance 2x18650 vape mod with a solid construction and stylish design that makes it one of the classiest pieces you'll find on the market. Despite its deceptively light construction, this powerful mod is durable, boasts higher quality construction and more power than most other mods of this size.

Leather finishes complement its beautiful design to give it a softer, more comfortable grip that feels good to the touch and gives the mod an aesthetic look. The MDura Box Mod uses nexCHIP technology for instantaneous firing in 0.001 seconds.

The MDura Mod features a 2A Type-C charging port. The mod comes with an intuitive interface that will allow you to easily customize the settings according to your preferences. It is capable of delivering 200W of power.

Its nexCHIP technology improves its safety and reliability while increasing its performance. It gives a low voltage warning, offers low resistance protection, overheat protection and prevents the risk of short circuit. A foolproof vape just waiting for you!


Always more beautiful, always smaller and always stronger!

Enjoy the ultimate MDura experience, with a vape that is as powerful as ever. It's all about flavor.

With the integration of two 18650 batteries, your mod goes from simple vape to a high-end vape. It now pushes over 200w. That's extraordinary for a small pocket vape.

Accus Box

Its dual batteries propel the MDura inevitably forward in the vape market.

Wotofo launches its electronic box and integrates the best technologies of the moment: Chipset!

With its intuitive design, its small compact size to fit everywhere, the box will become invisible. Say hello to a mini size to store it more easily without putting aside the performance of this vape.

With its easy and convenient grip, you will vapoter of pleasure with the MDura Wotofo.

You will find him that positive points to this MDura. Ideal for fussy vapers with features to set up or those who are fans of cloud chasing. This vape will meet all your demands.


An ultra resistant box!

With a simple glance, vape experts will notice its elegant design, but more importantly, its durability. With its zinc alloy and leather coating, it provides a real holding experience in the hand. A comfortable vape in every way!

Despite its small size, it is still within the standards. It can even accommodate an atomizer or clearomizer up to 26 mm. It is still a mod of competition that you have there!

Texture MDura

The latest technology integrated in the box

Wotofo has equipped its MDura model with a nextCHIP chip to push up to 200W of power. What to play with the smoke and enjoy your moment.

No more problems of overheating or burning your fingers. Chispset significantly improves the mod.

In addition to being ultra powerful, thanks to this chip, the startup is done in a quarter of a turn: 0.001 s to heat up! It's a high level.

With its 0.96" TFT screen you can find all the information. It's up to you to choose the mode you want to use.

Box MDura

Long-lasting autonomy guaranteed!

To operate the MDura, you need two 18650 batteries. With its dual batteries, you will be equipped with the best possible endurance and performance for vaping all day.

If you have a breakdown, plug your cable into the USB-C port provided.


So convinced by MDura 200w by Wotofo? You just have to order it to test it at home! You'll make some jealous! It's guaranteed!


The kit contains:


1 x Wotofo MDura Box Mod

1 x C-type cable

1 x User Manual




18650 compatible battery

Thread type 510

Power output 5 ~ 200 W

Variable power (VW) Yes

0.96" display

AC/USB charging type

Package 1 x MDura Box Mod, 1 x C-type charging cable, 1 x user manual

Weight 120g (4.23oz)

Depth 52 mm (2.05 inches)

Height 87 mm (3.43 inches)

Width 26 mm (1.02 inch)


Data sheet

Accu type
2 Accus and more
Kit/Mod type
Battery format

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