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ThunderHead Creations - Blaze AIO - DNA80C
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  • ThunderHead Creations - Blaze AIO - DNA80C
  • ThunderHead Creations - Blaze AIO - DNA80C

ThunderHead Creations - Blaze AIO - DNA80C

Enhance your vaping experience with the Blaze AIO Boro DNA80C Mod from ThunderHead Creations.

Equipped with the DNA80C Evolv chip, this device offers precise power settings and complete customization.

Designed in collaboration with Mike Vapes, it's made from durable aluminum alloy and available in several eye-catching colors.

Powered by an 18650 battery (not included), it can reach 88 watts and supports a variety of vaping styles.

With its USB-C port for fast charging and intuitive user interface, the Blaze AIO is perfect for demanding vapers.


ThunderHead Creations Blaze AIO - DNA80C is the Global First Mass Production Mod.

Advanced Technology and Enhanced Performance

The ThunderHead Creations  Blaze AIO-DNA80C represents a significant upgrade in the Blaze AIO Boro series, integrating the sophisticated DNA80C Evolv Chip. This advanced chip enables precise power adjustments and enhances your vaping experience with new modes and functionalities. Experience the perfect balance of power and performance tailored to your vaping preferences.

Craftsmanship and Design

In collaboration with Mike Vapes, ThunderHead Creations has crafted the Blaze AIO Boro Mod to maximize user experience. Constructed from high-quality Aluminium Alloy, this device is available in four new eye-catching colours. Despite its compact design, it features a fully waterproof chipset, making it a durable choice for vapers of all lifestyles.

Power and Customization

Powered by an external 18650 battery (not included), the Blaze AIO - DNA80C can reach up to 80 watts of output. It supports escribe software settings, allowing for complete customization of your vaping experience. The device's versatility is further enhanced by its compatibility with Boro Tanks and RBA's, suitable for everything from MTL to DL vaping styles.

User-Friendly Features & Escribe Software

The mod is equipped with a USB-C port for fast charging up to 3.0 amps, ensuring quick and efficient power replenishment. It also enables you to customize further by connecting to Evolv Escribe software. It includes a sliding battery door for easy battery replacement and a clear visibility cut-out to monitor your Boro Tank e-liquid levels. The user interface is displayed on a clear screen, providing all essential information at a glance.

Customization and Safety

The Blaze AIO-DNA80C offers extensive customization options. All panels, including the battery tube, are removable, allowing for a unique and personalised appearance. The mod is designed with a flat fire button and a construction free of soldering, facilitating easy access for upgrades or maintenance.

Compatibility and Versatility

This AIO mod is fully compatible with a wide range of e-liquids, from Nicotine Salts to high VG shortfills, thanks to the new Blaze RBA with sliding tank. Its waterproof chipset provides added protection against water damage, while the billet-compatible flush nut accommodates various integrated drip tips, expanding customization possibilities.


The ThunderHead Creations Blaze AIO-DNA80C is designed for vapers who seek a high-performing, customizing, and durable vaping device. With its advanced chipset, robust build, and versatile features, it stands out as a top choice in the market. Enhance your vaping journey with this premium mod, tailored to meet your every need.

Upgrade to the Blaze AIO-DNA80C today and unlock a new level of vaping excellence.

Physical Parameter

Size: 85x50.5x23 mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy (CNC)

Wattage Range: 1.0W - 80.0W

Screen: 0.85" Color TFT

Charging Rate: 3A

Battery: Single 18650

Charging Port: USB Type-C

Weight: 260.4g

Colors: Matte Black / Silver Black / Splatter Purple / Splatter Red

Main Features:

Liquid Proof DNA 80C Board

Customizable Design

Mechanical Construction

Designed By Mike Vapes

Powered By Evolv


Escribe Software Supported

Compatible With All Boro Tank

510 Standard Adaptor

Two Kinds Of Buttons Available

Two Kinds Of Sleeves Available

Sliding Battery Door

Sliding Magnetic Panel

Ergonomic Streamlined Design

Multifunctional Wrench Included

Multiple Accessories Included

Packaging Contents:

Blaze DNA80C Mod

Flat Fire Button

Honeycomb Sleeve

Blaze Wrench

Screw Drivers

Spare Screws

Spare O rings

User Manual

QC Card

Warranty Card

Thanks Card

Warranty Time:

6 Months warranty for our products from the date of delivery. We will not take the responsibility if any damage is caused by false use or man-made sabotage. Read the User Manual carefully before you start to use it.

Blaze AIO


Data sheet

Accu type
1 Accu
Kit/Mod type
Battery format

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