Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5
  • Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5
  • Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5
  • Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5
  • Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5

Teslacigs - Mod Punk 86W 1.5

Teslacigs' Punk 86W 1.5 mod, a true icon of the vaping scene, is back with an improved version, still embodying a sublime design.

Powered by an 18650 battery (not included), it offers adjustable power ranging from 7 to 86 watts maximum, thanks to its revised chipset for even more impressive performance.

What's more, the enhanced display ensures extra brightness for easy monitoring of key information.

In addition, the use of high-quality materials gives this mod an excellent finish, testifying to Teslacigs' attention to detail.


Teslacigs Mod Punk 86W 1.5: Sublimated Elegance and Optimized Power

The Mod Punk 86W 1.5 from Teslacigs remains a legend, retaining its sublime design while offering enhanced performance, elevating the art of vaping.

Customized power from 7 to 86 Watts

Powered by an 18650 battery (not included), this mod offers a power range from 7 to a maximum of 86 watts. This flexibility allows users to customize their vape experience, adapting the wattage to their individual preferences.

Redesigned chipset for exemplary performance

The redesigned chipset guarantees exceptional performance, ensuring instant responsiveness and enhanced reliability. Every puff is optimized to deliver a smooth, satisfying vaping experience.

Enhanced Bright Screen for Optimal Visibility

The improved, brighter screen ensures optimum visibility of key information. This enhancement, combined with the Mod Punk 86W 1.5's elegant aesthetics, adds a touch of practicality to the vaping experience.

Meticulous finish and high-quality materials

Excellence is evident in the meticulous finish and use of high-quality materials. Every detail, from the design to the construction, has been thought through to deliver an exceptional tactile and visual experience, making this mod a must-have choice for discerning vapers.

In conclusion, the Teslacigs Mod Punk 86W 1.5 embodies the perfect harmony between elegance and power. Whether you're attracted by its iconic design, power customization or reliability, this mod remains a benchmark for vapers concerned with style and performance.

Package contents

1 x Mod Punk 86W 1.5
1 x Micro-USB cable
1 x User manual


Type: Electronic mod
Format: Tube
Dimensions: 104 x 28 mm
Weight: 128g
Materials: Brass, stainless steel
Clearomizer compatibility: 28 mm
Connections: 510
Battery: 1 x 18650 (not supplied)
Operating mode: VW, Bypass
Max power: 86W
Display: 0.49" OLED
Voltage: 0.5 to 8.5V
USB-C port: Recharge
Charge: Fast 1A
Brand : TeslaCigs


Data sheet

Accu type
1 Accu
Kit/Mod type
Compatible battery

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