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Belgi'ohm - Pominus 50ml
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  • Belgi'ohm - Pominus 50ml
  • Belgi'ohm - Pominus 50ml

Belgi'ohm - Pominus 50ml

The benefits of apples are no longer to prove! Belgi'Ohm has understood this and has found the best green apple for its new e-liquid. A unique taste, but so refreshing with that little touch of acidity that makes the success of this type of fruit. And of course always counterbalanced by a little sweetness. Simple but effective, it will make an all-day essential! Your taste buds will thank you!

Pominus loves to swing from tree to tree and munch on the green apples in his orchard.

Nothing better for him than a day of good cheer! Let yourself be seduced by the juiciness, crunchiness and sweetness of the Pominus green apple!

He's the fruit expert! He'll blow you away with just one fruit! An incredibly intense explosion of green apple in the mouth! A treat for fruit lovers!


Data sheet

Flavor Type
50 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape

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