Warranty Procedure: CIG ACCESS


Warranty time: 3 MONTHS from the date of purchase from CIG ACCESS


Guaranteed products: Electronic batteries, charger, Mod and Pod


Unsecured products: Rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, accessories cartridges, rechargeable batteries, e-liquids and various parts (ex: resistors, drip-tip)



Online procedures:


Service request


- Please go to the section My account / history and details of my orders.


- Then in your summary of your orders, please select the relevant order by clicking on Details.


- Select with the help of the radio buttons the product (s) concerned.


- Important: detail as much as possible the problem encountered for each product in the section provided for this purpose.


All you have to do is validate your request by clicking on "Send" at the bottom of the page.




Treatment by our after-sales service:


Once your request has been validated by our after-sales service, you can follow the progress of your after-sales return as well as the procedure for returning the items to us via the After-Sales-Product Returns page.


There you will find the return slip that you must return to us with your package.






Please return your service to us within 10 days of obtaining an RMA number. After this deadline, we will not be able to process your request, because we also have a deadline to meet with manufacturers: 3 months.


We will only take back the products in their entirety and in their original box / packaging; all of which must be in normal or intact condition.




Invalidity of the Guarantee if the product:


Is damaged by negligence, abuse, accident or misuse.


Has undergone an external energy source (lightning, over voltage, short circuit...) causing it to fail


Was not purchased from CIG ACCESS or is not identified as a CIG ACCESS product.


No longer in its original packaging or box required by the manufacturers


Does not have a serial number engraved on the product or in the packaging box.




The GUARANTEE does not cover:


The physical aspect of the product: scratch, shock...


Damage caused by misuse or improper use of the product.


When the product has been disassembled




The return costs are your responsibility.






It is your responsibility to notify your customers of applications of the conditions of return policy. CIG ACCESS is not responsible for the non-compliance with these conditions by your end customers.