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Full Moon - Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry 10ml
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  • Full Moon - Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry 10ml
  • Full Moon - Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry 10ml

Prestige Fruits - Tropicale 10ml


The Tropicale from Prestige Fruits is a mix of pineapple, mango, apple, banana, passion fruit and jack fruit.
A set of fruits well mixed that will ensure a sweet and rich vape in fruits.
To consume without moderation

Put some exoticism in your vape!

For this creation, Prestige Fruits is equipped with pineapple, mango, apple, banana, passion fruit and jack fruit. A set of ultra tasty, fruity and balanced fruits. With this blend of the tropics, Prestige Fruits adds a touch of frost to lower the temperature of the tropics of your vape.

Grab a suitcase on the fly, put your sunglasses on your nose, sunscreen, floral shirts and flip-flops in a bag, head to the tropics for a one-way non-stop.

Feel the sun and the approaching vacations with this fruit blend. Let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the waves, feet in the water and a 100% fruit cocktail in hand. Are you there yet? Wait until you see the rest!

You loved the Prestige Fruits concentrates? Then you will melt with happiness with the new concentrated flavors in 10ml.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

Vacations in the tropics

You have a crazy desire to take a vacation? Imagine a white sand beach, lagoons with turquoise water, palm trees as far as the eye can see. Are you there? Prestige Fruits offers you a gustatory journey of all the colors and flavors in a single concentrate: tropical.

The fruits are selected on the spot, ripe, juicy and sun-drenched. This flavor that makes you crave is concentrated in this aroma. Underneath its sharp leaves lies a yellow pineapple with a tender, juicy core. This powerful and sweet aroma will join the softness of the mango. Are you already salivating? Wait for the next part. The banana, which has benefited from the sun, is bursting with vitamins and ultra greedy. The crunchy apple and its acidic juice will complement and pep up the passion fruit. Imagine these fruits delicately cut into pieces to form a delicious juice just for you. To bring down the heat, Prestige Fruits adds a little frost. Enjoy an ultra greedy and fresh flavor at the same time. You will come back to it again and again throughout the day.

Prestige Fruits offers you gustatory journeys with each creation of artisanal recipes.

Some information about this product

This concentrated flavor is developed by Vape Connection in France.

It is important to always keep the bottle out of reach of children. The tip of the bottle is perfect for filling your sprayer. Do not lose a single drop and enjoy until the last drop in your vape.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

And if you try something else?

You want even more novelties? Trust Prestige Fruits to continue to surprise you!

With its high level of creativity Prestige Fruits offers you other concentrates all as fruity with Strawberry Blackberry or a more classic with Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry. The brand elaborates with excellence sweet and greedy creations to revisit the classics.

All you have to do is choose the one that will make you vibrate with pleasure.


Data sheet

Flavor Type
10 ml
E-liquid Type
tropical fruits

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