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  • Full Moon - Strawberry Blackberry 10ml
  • Full Moon - Strawberry Blackberry 10ml

Prestige Fruits - Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Lime Concentrate10ml

Dragon Fruit - Watermelon - Lime

The Prestige Fruits - Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Lime is a blend of 3 flavors that blend perfectly for a tasty vape with every exhale. Enjoy the taste of each fruit that this juice provides.

A trio of freshness and fruit guaranteed!

In summer, watermelon is the most eaten fruit. It's packed with water and a refreshing taste all by itself. By mixing it, you could make a granita. That's why Prestige Fruits decided to create a special summer recipe by combining three fruits: watermelon, dragon fruit and lime. The combination of the sweetness of the dragon fruit, the acidity and the pep of the lime with the sweet and juicy watermelon form an excellent concentrate.

Enjoy an explosion of freshness and delicacy thanks to the concentration of these three divine fruits in a whiff of this aroma. Let yourself be transported by the freshness and fruitiness of the fruits throughout the day.

Let yourself be seduced by its new format of 10ml in concentrated aroma.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

Perfume, fruit and water! The perfect summer combo

Prestige Fruits' concentrated aromas are full of ideas and flavors. That's why Prestige Fruits has launched Dragon Fruit-Watermelon-Lime. A trio that is both exotic and refreshing at the same time. Let yourself be seduced by a plump and juicy watermelon, with its slightly sweet and fresh taste. Take a dragon fruit with its fleshy, ripe center to give the watermelon a little sweetness and fruitiness. On top of that comes the lime to give the fruit some pep and acidity. Discover a fruity recipe, intense in fruit and fresh. Enough to wake you up during the day and make you travel to the islands!

This mixture will make you addictive from the first puff of this aroma. You will fill your mod to have enough juice throughout the day. You will not be able to do without it. Your taste buds and palate will wriggle with joy at the contact of this juice so delicate and subtle at the same time. Let yourself be lulled by the freshness of the ice cubes and the fruity and intense sweetness of fruit.

Some additional information

With Prestige Fruits you don't need to change brands regularly. It accompanies you throughout the day to savor a pure moment of happiness with each puff of Dragon Fruit - Watermelon - Lime.

With these exceptional fruits, Prestige Fruits offers you a concentration of all these flavors in an exceptional concentrated aroma. You will find it in a bottle of 10 ml always devoid of nicotine. Prestige Fruits is committed to keeping an impeccable ethic and never stops offering you innovative and greedy products.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

A cascade of fruits and freshness in mouth guaranteed!

A pleasure that is always both vitaminized and intense. Discover in the range of Prestige Fruits ultra-vitaminized and fragrant flavors mixing notes of bitterness and acidity to these juicy and sweet fruits.

For the vapoteurs adapted to exotic fruits, tropical, etc. to the freshness of fruits, Prestige Fruits offers you concentrates all innovative and efficient.

Discover a more winter flavor with Prestige Tropical.

Or in the same period with wild and red fruits: Prestige Fruits-Blackberry.

It's up to you to choose the flavor that suits you best.

Don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge. There is one made for you.


Data sheet

Flavor Type
10 ml
E-liquid Type
Dragon fruit

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