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Full Moon - Abricot Pêche Pineapple 10ml
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  • Full Moon - Abricot Pêche Pineapple 10ml
  • Full Moon - Abricot Pêche Pineapple 10ml

Prestige Fruits - Strawberry Blackberry 10ml

Strawberry - Blackberry

Strawberry Blackberry from Prestige Fruits is a blend of red fruits just right to delight your taste buds with each exhale.
A set of red and sweet fruits.
To consume without moderation!

A duo of ultra fruity and intense fruits

Prestige Fruits releases a new flavor: Strawberry-Blackberry. Come and taste a mix of red fruits, acidulous and sweetened to perfection to delight your taste buds.

Enter the undergrowth to gather wild strawberries at ground level and delicious blackberries on the bramble piles. There is nothing more intense and tasty than wild fruit picking.

Rediscover the taste of walking in the forest and the intense taste of fruit. Is your natural instinct coming back? Let it and go picking. Each fruit is selected and cut with love and precision to be detailed in a sweet and greedy flavor in a concentrate: Prestige Fruits Strawberry-Blackberry.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

From picking to smoking, there is only one step

At Prestige Fruits, the fruit is selected and picked directly from the field. From the plate to the harvest, there is only one step to make. Prestige Fruits elaborates recipes with summer fruits, full of sun and vitamins. However, some fruits have a hard time with Prestige Fruits.

Take the example of the wild blackberry. You have to fight against the wind and the tide against brambles as big as you are and with bushy bushes. Venturing into these meadows becomes a dangerous mission. Feel all the fear and joy that comes with picking wild blackberries: a tartness and a sweetness. Picking a well-guarded fruit processed exclusively for you.

As for the strawberries, the route remains the same. In the undergrowth, stay on the lookout for beds of wild strawberries. Their melting and juicy hearts will be a perfect match for the wild blackberries.

Enjoy a fabulous duo in an exceptional juice. Feel the boldness and strength of wild blackberries combined with the delicacy of wild strawberries. All you have to do is try this fabulous combination of flavors.

Feel the sun, the intensity, the taste and the boldness of each fruit. They have a very particular character that will awaken your taste buds.


Some information

Strawberry-Blackberry Prestige Fruits is offered in a version of 10 ml devoid of nicotine. You can if necessary add a booster to nicotine your juice as you like.

This flavor is compatible with a wide range of electronic cigarettes.

Entirely manufactured in France by Vape Connection, Prestige Fruits brings its expertise in all its concentrates.

All our bottles are secure for children. Our tips are innovative to fill more easily your atomizer.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.


Fruity tastes and adventures for each flavor

You want to try new things? Flavors that catch your eye? Do not go further. Prestige Fruits is what you need. Innovative flavors and unusual proposals.

Prestige Fruits offers you a wide range of fruity products! Exclusively for you! So, enjoy it!

For the vapoteurs in lack of freshness of fruit, go on Prestige Fruits - Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry.

For the adventurers of flavors, test the association Apricot, Pineapple, Peach of Prestige Fruits.


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