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Full Moon - Dark Just Fruit 10ml
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  • Full Moon - Dark Just Fruit 10ml

Prestige Fruits - Apricot Peach Pineapple 10ml

Apricot - Peach - Pineapple

Apricot Peach Pineapple from Prestige Fruits is an explosion of yellow fruits, ripe and juicy for a very tasty vape.
We like it a lot and you?
To consume without moderation

An avalanche of juicy and sweet fruits full of sun!

As soft as a feather or a cotton candy and as fresh and fragrant as in summer, the concentrate Apricot Peach Pineapple offers you a taste experience. From the first whiff, you discover all the flavors of this aroma. Namely the ripe and round peach, an orange and fleshy apricot and a juicy pineapple. Sweet and intense flavors at the same time!

This blend of fruits will deliver intensely exotic tastes. It will melt in your mouth and awaken your taste buds! Find all the flavors present in this juice in taste and smell. You will enjoy it all day long!

The concentration of this juice is 15%.

A colorful exotic journey

Finally a juice that will hold your attention! If you have a very demanding palate, Prestige Fruits is for you. Take the peach for example. It has been gorged with sunlight all summer to form a ripe and fleshy flesh, letting out its sweet and greedy perfume.

The apricot has also been exposed to the sun and has created a sweet and slightly acidic scent to counterbalance the softness and sweetness of the peach. The pineapple will create a creamy, fruity base with the colors of the islands by bringing a little acidity. Its intense taste will bring out the flavors of both fruits and will blend in perfectly with them.

Let yourself be lulled by a gustatory journey to the islands. Feel the freshness of the ice cube mix with the mixed fruits.

It is only after the expedition that you will really enjoy the experience of Prestige Fruits Apricot Peach Pineapple. Let yourself be invaded by this exotic blend gently jostled by an icy wind. This is what Prestige Fruits offers you in its creations.


Some information to know about the product:

Prestige Fruits offers you a juice that should arouse a little curiosity. For the vapoteurs in lack of freshness and fruits, this aroma is made for you.

Prestige Fruits-Apricot-Peach-Pineapple is offered in a bottle of 10 ml, still without nicotine. You can if you need, add a booster.

The concentration of this juice is 15%.


A gathering of summer fruits with high voltage

Between these pieces of juicy, fleshy and handpicked fruits, Prestige Fruits offers you a 100% fruit experience. Between the sweet, the intense and the mellow, these fruits will transform this aroma into a pure moment of pleasure.

If you want to discover other dishes of this brand, take a tropical fruit combo to travel to the islands with every puff: Prestige Fruits Tropical.

To travel even further, opt for Prestige Fruits-Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Lime.

You will enjoy it all day long!


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