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Nom Nomz - Jelly Beans 30 ml
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  • Nom Nomz - Jelly Beans 30 ml

Nom Nomz - Kringle’s Kandy 30 ml

  • Flavor Profile: Kringle's all time favorite, fresh peppermint candy canes... name name.
    Product Type: One Shot
    Carrier: PG based
    Size variations: 30 ml
    Recommended blend: 15%.
    Steep time: 3 days

Discover the land of Kandy

Nom Nomz takes you on a crazy gourmet adventure. You may have seen this movie where a little boy is finally invited into a chocolate factory and discovers a world of confectionery? Here Nom Nomz, takes you to the country of Kandy. All kinds of sweets with different shapes, flavors, colors and scents.

Dive into the enchanted rivers of mint flavor. Pick love apples from the trees. A country where everything can be tasted and eaten endlessly!

In a tree not far from you are some strange fruits. As you approach, you will discover candy canes. Pick one up and take a bite. A fresh peppermint envelops you. Let yourself be surprised by this swirl of freshness, but especially this intense and peppery mint.

With each puff of Kringle's Kandy, Nom Nomz takes you on a gourmet journey to the land of Kandy.


Some information about Kringle's Kandy

Kringle's Kandy by Nomz is a concentrated aroma packaged in a 30 ml bottle.

Ultra greedy, this flavor will please the lovers of DIY who want to add themselves or not a nicotine booster.

Let yourself be seduced by its unique taste!


You know the other flavors of this range?

You know well the juices of Nom Nomz! A safe value you tell me! Then come and test Jelly Beans. A mix of cherry and raspberry jelly beans. Ultra greedy and especially so good!

You also have Ryan Reserve. A classic concentrate with notes of hazelnut. Perfect for tobacco lovers.

All you have to do now is order your Nomz Kringle's Kandy from Cig Access. Supplier and wholesaler of materials and products for electronic cigarettes.


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Flavor Type
30 ml
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