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Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 10ml
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  • Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 10ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 10ml

Full Moon - Diabolo Lemon Pamp 10ml

Pink grapefruit and yellow lemon

A sparkling and refreshing homemade lemonade with the sweetness of pink grapefruit and the tartness of yellow lemon for a perfect and surprising diabolo.


A touch of freshness and a zest of acidity

For a shot of freshness and sweetness, Full Moon offers its Diabolo Lemon Pamp.

A concentrate of citrus and good mood.

Imagine yourself comfortably installed at a table on the terrace, sipping a nice fresh lemonade, with this lemon lime. Add a touch of grapefruit syrup and some boys. That's what Full Moon Diabolo is all about. Freshness and chills guaranteed.

With its vitamin power, and strong in antioxidant, you will start your day with brio.

With this natural freshness that brings the grapefruit, Full Moon, adds its yellow lemon to put some pep in your vape. Add to that a good lemonade craft, well sparkling.

Start your day in a good mood and travel with each puff of Diabolo Citron Pamp.

The power of a concentrated flavor to sparkle all day long

Full Moon creates a rich and powerful aroma from Malaysia and packaged in France. Through this journey Full Moon brings you all the colors of this country in these sun-drenched fruits.

A ripe, juicy grapefruit with a soft, yellow shell. Gently pick it up from the tree to come and smell it. Full Moon cuts it piece by piece to sublimate it completely, keeping its juice without losing a single drop of its intense essence. Mix with limes of yellow lemons and press to recover their essences.

With the sweetness of the grapefruit and the acidity of the lemon, Full Moon adds an artisanal lemonade, very sparkling.

Feel the concentrated aroma of the power of a pink grapefruit, slightly sweet, from the first whiff. On top comes the acidity of the lemon to come to raise and sparkle your palate with this mixture of citrus fruits. An explosion of power and heat of the islands envelops you. And not its icy freshness brought by the ice cubes, the artisanal lemonade comes to soften and coat the citrus fruits with lightness. Full Moon-Diabolo Lemon Pamp offers an exceptional flavor for vapers looking for citrus and freshness.

Taste associations and ever more innovative novelties

Full Moon offers a wide range of concentrated flavors for your DIY. Have you already tried this brand? Satisfied with their new products? Wait to see the new products of the moment.

If you are the team citrus and freshness, Full Moon tape surprises you with its Diabolo Lemon Pamp.

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There is one that suits you! Discover all the collection that Full Moon offers directly on the site. And discover all the bases and flavors.

Malaysian flavors made in France

Dilution: 10-15%


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10 ml
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