Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 30ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 30ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Citron Pamp 30ml

Full Moon - Diabolo lemon Pamp 30ml

Pink grapefruit Yellow lemon

A sparkling and refreshing homemade lemonade with the sweetness of pink grapefruit and the acidity of yellow lemon for a perfect and surprising diabolo.


A combination of acidity and freshness in one aroma

Have you ever tasted a grapefruit and lemon alone? It stings your mouth and tickles your tongue and palate!

So imagine the sweetness of a pink grapefruit with its touch of acidity and citrus with that of a yellow lemon, juicy with a touch of sugar and a breath of freshness. The result is Full Moon-Diabolo Citron Pamp.

An explosive mixture always available in a bottle of 30 ml. A perfect aroma for your DIY.

Trust Full Moon to bring you renewal and freshness in the world of vape.

You are part of the vapoteurs who are addicted to the citrus and the freshness of fruit ? You are at the right address. Full Moon brings you this dose of freshness and novelty straight from Malaysia.

Malaysian concentrates packaged in France.


Bottle of 30ML.

Freshness and renewal concentrated in a single aroma

The Diabolo Lemon Pamp is a strong citrus flavor and extremely tangy.

For the vapoteurs in need of freshness, this aroma is for you. You will travel to the islands and experience the acidity spikes with each puff. Get ready for a colorful journey that will transport you to the islands of Malaysia.

Pink grapefruit has a pink, crisp, flavorful flesh. With every bite, discover a juicy world of sweet, fragrant flavour. Perfect for bringing out the gourmet and acidic notes at the same time. This variety was chosen exclusively because it is less acidic than white grapefruit.

By associating it with the flesh and juice of a yellow lemon, the aroma will take all its meaning. At the first inspiration feel the sweetness and the sweetness of the grapefruit followed of loan and heightened by that of the lemon, more violent and acid. It will come to give sparkle and pep to this aroma to transport you. These two citrus fruits together form the perfect duo to coat you with a polar freshness. Goodbye chewing gums and snacks and say hello to a winning formula : Diabolo Lemon Pamp. Freshness guaranteed!

To consume without moderation !


Discover or rediscover the Full Moon range

Rather satisfied with Full Moon, do not miss the innovations and new creations of this one.

Sweet, sour, gourmet notes, etc. will play with your palate.

Get acquainted with new concentrated flavors :

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All you have to do is order the one that will make your taste buds tingle.


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