Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine30ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine30ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine30ml

Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine 30ml


A sparkling and refreshing homemade lemonade with a well balanced grenadine syrup.


The grenadine is honored at Full Moon with its hint of artisanal lemonade

Full Moon invites you to dive back into the craftsmanship of childhood. Imagine yourself preparing a grenadine with a hint of long acid lemonade. Enjoy this journey through time.

The aroma comes in a 30 ml bottle to satisfy you and accompany you throughout the day. Find its taste always as fresh in concentrated flavor. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vapoteur, this aroma is for you. Travel in your memory in search of this taste so atypical that poured, our grandmothers in time.

Malaysian concentrates packaged in France.

Bottle of 30ML.

A childhood story

Grenadine is a syrup that we loved to drink in summer and as children. This red, pink color, mixed with water made us blush with desire. This touch of sugar that made us tremble on the spot waiting for the snack to be able to taste it.

Homemade or ordered from a restaurant, this syrup was part of our childhood. So, imagine that Full Moon brings this syrup up to date just for you ? You love the freshness of this syrup, so say hello to Full Moon-Diabolo Grenadine. A mixture of childhood, artisanal know-how, and bewitching freshness.

Discover this freshness straight from the south to fill your days with sweetness and frosty chills.


A touch of lemonade to spice up the grenadine !

To enhance this taste to the craziest stories, Full Moon mixes grenadine with a little bit of homemade lemonade with that hint of yellow and green lemon. This will give a touch of acidity in the lemonade and greediness to the grenadine. This research has resulted in a concentrated and intense aroma. Wrap yourself in this layer of greed, sweetness and this wind of freshness that takes you out of your sweet bubble. Crack for a bombons so tasty when you want that is the morning or evening. Full Moon- Diabolo Grenadine guarantees you an experience out of the ordinary. You will return to enjoy this sweet delicacy.

All our preparations are made in Malaysia to bring a breath of freshness to these preparations. Among this range you can find a concentrated flavour that suits you.


To satisfy the most gourmet vape, Full Moon offers two other flavors that arrive in its collection :

Full Moon-Diabolo Apple

Full Moon Diabolo Lemon Pamp.

It's up to you to choose which one you like the most ?


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