Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine10ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine10ml
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine10ml

Full Moon - Diabolo Grenadine 10ml


A sparkling and refreshing homemade lemonade with a well-balanced grenadine syrup.


An aroma to bring back memories!

A few years ago, you used to have a good diabolo with sparkling or still water and a little grenadine syrup in the bottom of the glass. Full Moon offers you to go back to your childhood by offering you a diabolo but not like the others.

Rediscover the taste of a good diabolo grenadine on the terrace, after the beach. A big glass, with an overflow of grenadine. The lemonade is poured on top to homogenize the drink. A subtle and so sweet mixture.

Full Moon offers you to rediscover the pleasure of a grenadine but with homemade lemonade and some ice cubes for freshness. Not convinced yet? Wait to see its intense taste to fall back in childhood.

Full Moon offers you Diabolo Grenadine in 10ml for your DIY mixes.

A return to the roots !

You have trusted Full Moon until now to make you vibrate with innovative and refreshing flavors. So, discover its new creation: Diabolo Grenadine. A blend of sweet grenadine syrup, frosted ice cubes, homemade lemonade and a hint of lime for tartness.

Step back into childhood to enjoy a grenadine syrup, loaded with history.

Grab a chilled glass of a sweet and smooth grenadine base.

Pour over a nice, sparkling, homemade lemonade. Add some acidity on top to enhance the flavor with the lime of yellow lemon to pep up the drink.

Stir and you've got yourself a proper Diabolo Grenadine.

What you have just experienced and read is inevitably transferred to your mouth. Your palate will recognize this sweet flavor full of history and will make you live a moment of pure happiness.

Enjoy this trip back in time from the first whiff of Full Moon-Diabolo Grenadine. Enjoy a well-deserved break. Forget the saying "grenadine is for little girls" and rediscover the pleasure of vaping culinary and bistro memories in your vape.

Full Moon has become the leader in the transcription of taste. So intensely good with simple ingredients, he carefully selects to create the best flavors just for you.


Do you want to travel?

So convinced by the promises of Full Moon on its concentrated flavor: Diabolo Grenadine?

Rediscover or discover its whole universe in concentrated flavors with exotic fruits, apples, strawberries, etc.

Full Moon explores new tastes for your palate in order to satisfy it at best.

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You can taste new flavors in the general range of Full Moon. Our motto, to satisfy you as well as possible in order to accompany you in your day with innovative and fresh perfumes.

There is a flavor at Full Moon that will make you salivate and sparkle your palate!

Malaysian flavors made in France

Dilution: 10-15%


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