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XCalibur - Shiryu Concentrate 30 ml
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  • XCalibur - Shiryu Concentrate 30 ml

XCalibur - Joys Concentrate 30 ml

Xcalibur Red Fruit Candy Concentrate is a delectable e-liquid that boasts a smooth and indulgent taste. The juicy and sweet berries will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds throughout the day. The concentrated flavor comes in a 30ml bottle and is ready to use for DIY e-liquid preparations. However, it is important to dilute the flavor in a neutral base and avoid vaping it alone. Joys concentrated flavor is produced by French Lab in France and it is recommended to use it at a dosage of -%. Overall, this is a high quality product, perfect for those who want a professional quality e-liquid flavoring experience.


Data sheet

Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Wild berries

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