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Full Moon - Sky 30 ML
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  • Full Moon - Sky 30 ML
  • Full Moon - Sky 30 ML

Full Moon - Sky 30 ML

Full Moon Sky is the newest concentrate in the line. It offers a recipe that mixes a touch of ice brought by ice cubes, cane sugar, fresh ginger, Aloe Vera and a mojito! An exceptional recipe, ultra fresh that will give you a taste pleasure without limits.

Malaysian concentrates packaged in France.

Bottle of 30ML.

Have a drink

Full Moon is back with a new exceptional concentrate: Sky.

This little newcomer joins the beautiful range of Full Moon.

But what does it contain? To discover it, you just have to take a break and you will find out.

Sit down on a terrace, forget about work and everyday life and order a Sky.

A drink that will make you travel from the first puff, but not only. It will give you a breath of fresh air and an unbeatable taste.

Let yourself be seduced by the sweet aroma of a fresh mojito. Combine with a few ice cubes to bring out the intense taste of this drink.

To give a touch of originality, Full Moon adds a touch of fresh ginger, cane sugar and a piece of Aloe Vera to give lightness.

An exceptional concentrate that offers a waltz between intensity, lightness and a little sweetness.

Do not wait any longer and come to test the new concentrate of the range of Full Moon.

Some information on this concentrate:

Full Moon develops Malaysian blends packaged in France. In this bottle of 30 ml, contains all the flavor of a fresh and sweet concentrate at once.

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All you have to do is try the whole range to make your choice!


Data sheet

Flavor Type
Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Aloe Vera

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