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  • Geekvape - Pod Wenax Q

Geekvape - Pod Wenax Q

GeekVape's Wenax Q series features 8 colorful pod variants, each coated with a zinc alloy for a stylish and comfortable grip. These pods are powered by a proprietary 1000 mAh battery, which can be recharged via the pod's USB-C port. The Wenax Q e-cigarette can be activated either by auto-pull or by using the ignition button on the front of the pod. The power button is surrounded by an LED indicator that displays the pod's battery level. A green light indicates a charge of more than 70%, a blue light indicates a charge between 30 and 70%, and a red light indicates a charge of less than 30%. In addition, a small display above the power button shows the wattage and other relevant information.

The Wenax Q pod has an adjustable airflow mechanism located on one side, which can be easily changed using a slider that displays three air intakes. In addition, it is compatible with GeekVape's Q 2ml pod cartridges and comes with a 0.6 ohm sealed resistor.


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