Vaal 500 - Orange Ice 2ml - 17mg/ml
  • Vaal 500 - Orange Ice 2ml - 17mg/ml
  • Vaal 500 - Orange Ice 2ml - 17mg/ml
  • Vaal 500 - Mixed Berries 2ml - 17mg/ml

Vaal 500 - Orange Ice 2ml - 17mg/ml

VAAL 500 offers you the pure and satisfying flavor of every puff.

Discover Orange Ice in a pre-filled kit containing 2ml of this juice.

17mg/ml of Nic-Salt

A field of orange trees

Vaal 500 takes you on a tour of the orange fields. Grab your hat and basket to pick the best of the oranges for this juice.

Once there, discover beautiful orange trees that smell like summer and citrus.

Pick the best ones you can find. Bite into a wedge and feel all the acidity, but also the sweetness and sweetness that this fruit abounds. Its sweet and fragrant juice will give intensity and pep to this recipe. In order to make the best recipe, Vaal 500 integrates a hint of frost to intensify and highlight this recipe.

Come and test the Vaal 500 from Orange Ice without further delay. This kit ready filled embarks 2ml of this e-liquid to 17mg / ml.


Some information on the Vaal 500

Vaal 500 comes out a new format the pre-filled kits. A vape that contains 2ml of juice for 17mg/ml. To activate it, nothing more simple. Just inhale.

Find in this pen a battery of 400 mAh to allow you to vapoter as you wish.

Its format is compact and can be carried anywhere.

This disposable cigarette offers about 500 puffs.


Discover the other Vaal 500 of the range

Vaal 500 made you discover Orange Ice, but wait to taste the Vaal 500 Mixed Berries. A concentrate of wild fruits and berries. Add to this recipe a sumptuous swirl of ice to give all the freshness that this juice deserves.

Come discover Vaal 500 Mint. An ultra-refreshing puff made with spearmint leaves. For a moment of lightness and freshness, choose Vaal 500- Mint!

Come and discover the other juices of the range and test them all! There's one that will make your palate turn over in pleasure!


Data sheet

Flavor Type
Flavor Type
2 ml
E-liquid Type
Ready to vape

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