Aspire - Minican Plus 850 mAh
  • Aspire - Minican Plus 850 mAh
  • Aspire - Minican Plus

Aspire - Minican Plus 850 mAh

The Pod Minican Plus of aspire makes its arrival. This electronic cigarette is ideal for the first steps in the world of vape or for first-time vapers.


The pod is ultra light with small dimensions and suitable for transport. A compact vape to slip it everywhere.

It is available in 5 colors. It only remains for you to choose the one you like the most.

The singularity of this vape is that it has no button on the surface. You just have to inhale to start vaping.

The Pod Minican embeds a built-in battery of 850 mAh, rechargeable with the USB-C port.

The airflow as for him is not adjustable to facilitate the use of the pod.

Ideal for vaper rather tight with the MTL.

The cartridges are disposable 3ml capacity for top-fill.

And finally, the Khantal mesh resistance of 0.8 ohm is integrated into the cartridge.

You just have to try it.

It's up to you!



A few lines on the product of Aspire

Aspire offers a new electronic vape: Minican Plus.

This pod is perfect for beginners. It allows you to vapoter simply with a discreet pod especially compact. It is perfect for vapers waiting for MTL.

This type of equipment is ideal for those who want to vapourize CBO, juices and even nicotine.

The cartridge incorporates a 1.20 ohm mesh resistor to allow good vapor production.

Aspire makes its vapes with good material, robust and design at the same time. The pod incorporates a 350 mAh battery rechargeable through a USBC port.

The Minican Plus of Aspire has no button. The pod is activated from the first aspiration.

No setting to finish. You can enjoy a simple to use vape and unbeatable value for money.

Its compact design allows you to hold it easily in the palm of your hand.


A vapour which addresses the beginner or MTL vapoteur

Have you quit smoking? Or just want to get started with the electronic cigarette? Minican Plus is perfect for you. With such simplicity, it will work for you.

All you have to do is inhale and then vape. This pod automatically detects when you inhale to trigger the inhalation without having to press the switch. With its ultra small size, you between hands a discreet and sober vape. It will go unnoticed.


An all in one cartridge

The cartridge of this pod is consumable. It integrates a resistance of 2 ml of capacity. It is also replaceable.

This resistance of 1.20 ohm low energy, offers puffs of steam exception.

To ensure a good production of flavor, Aspire integrates its composition a mesh and Kanthal.

This cartridge is also easily integrated into the pod and is also filled perfectly and simply.


A rechargeable battery

Aspire integrates in its pod, a battery of 350 mAh. This battery is charged through the USB-C port. This allows you to enjoy your vape throughout the day.


Characteristics :

Size: 75*40*15.8 mm
Weight: 40.9g

Pod parameters :

Capacity of the
2 ml/3 ml Material: PCTG
Resistance: 0.8Ω non-replaceable mesh coil, rated at 10-13W
Coil material: Kanthal AF

Modulation parameters :

Battery capacity: 850 mAh
Charging port:
C-type constant voltage output
3.7 V Material: Semi-permeable PCTG

Contents :

1* Minican+ device (850 mAh)
1* Minican 0.8Ω Pod (non-replaceable coil) 3.0 ml
1* Type C cable
1* Lanyard
1* User's manual


Data sheet

Accu type
Integrated battery
Ohm Ω
0.8 Ω

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