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Full Moon - Diabolo Pomme 50ML
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  • Full Moon - Diabolo Pomme 50ML
  • Full Moon - Diabolo Pomme 50ML

Full Moon - Diabolo Pomme 50ML


A sparkling and refreshing homemade lemonade sublimated by the roundness of a crunchy green apple.

The apple that fell from the tree

Full Moon presents Diabolo Pomme. Freshness and crunchiness guaranteed in a quality juice.

Always looking for tasty recipes, Full Moon develops a flavour based on green apple and homemade lemonade. Imagine a crisp, green and juicy apple cut into pieces. A sweet and intense juice flows out of this fruit. Recovered and blended, the apple will come to meet an artisanal lemonade. This greedy and sparkling mixture will welcome a lime of yellow lemon to heighten and acidify the drink to make it more interesting. For a perfect finish, Diabolo Pomme is wrapped in a swirl of freshness caused by frosted ice cubes.

This is what Full Moon offers in its Diabolo Pomme.

A meeting full of history

Do you remember your first mint, Grenadine and apple diabolos? Full Moon takes you on a journey to rediscover the Apple Diabolo as you have never tasted it before.

Imagine yourself on a terrace, with your feet in the sand, waiting to order your ultra-refreshing apple diabolo. In the kitchen, the well rounded and green apple will go on a crazy adventure to delight your taste buds. Full Moon selects for you the best green apples of the season to cut them into pieces. Whether they are sour, sweet or plump, they will go into a juice extractor to recover their essence. You have here an exquisite green apple juice with a sweet, greedy and tangy taste. Enough to refresh you. But Full Moon doesn't stop there and offers you to add the freshness of the south with its artisanal lemonade. The fizzy lemonade meets the green apple juice in a whirlwind of freshness brought by frosted ice cubes.

A sublime blend is formed, but wait until you taste the difference with a lime that adds a touch of acidity to the drink. You will discover a drink that is greedy in flavor and refreshing at the same time. This is what Full Moon offers you in its ultra fresh Apple Diabolo.

Do not wait any more and come to taste it without further delay at work or at the beach. It will refresh you with each puff of Diabolo Apple.

Some information on this e-liquid :

Full Moon develops Malaysian blends packaged in France. In this bottle of 50 ml, contains all the flavor of a ready to vaper ultra fruity and sweet at once.

Each fruit was selected with meticulousness to get you a maximum of pleasure in mouth.

You have in the range of Diabolo two new :

Diabolo Grenadine in 50 ml

Diabolo Lemon Pamp in 50ml too.

Enough to refresh you all summer long and evoke good memories of bistros.

Among the wide range that Full Moon offers, you will find a fruity and sweet flavor that suits you.

Make your taste buds tingle! Full Moon offers you a multitude of innovative, fruity and fresh flavors.

It's up to you to choose yours.


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Flavor Type
Flavor Type
50 ml
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Ready to vape

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