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Snap Dragon by French Lab - Bola 30ml
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  • Snap Dragon by French Lab - Bola 30ml

Snap Dragon by French Lab - Bola 30ml

Ideal for hot summer days, this summery-smelling concentrate will charm your taste buds.

Fresh but delicious, the combination of dragon fruit and watermelon will quickly become your everyday essential.

An ultra fruity aroma

French Lab has created a new fragrance just for you in the Snap Dragon line: Bola.

Discover from the first puff of this juice all the intensity of fruits. The watermelon brings all the freshness and lightness. The fruit of the dragon as for him brings its intensity with a so particular and sweetened taste.

The combination of these two fruits offers a perfect vape experience and propels your taste buds towards the islands. Let yourself be carried by each puff of fruit that provides this concentrated aroma.

French Lab offers a beautiful concentrated flavor gourmand and fruity: Bola de Snap Dragon.


Some information about your aroma

This aroma is developed in France by the brand French Lab.

Find in this 30ml bottle all the strength, intensity and sweetness of each fruit.

This concentrate is perfect for DIY lovers.


What if you went on an adventure?

French Lab offers in the same range other concentrated flavors in 30ml as well.

In this same range, find different gourmet or fruity flavors. A creamy vanilla cake with dragon fruit is inevitably Python.

For an explosion of red fruits, it's Red dragon that you should choose.

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Dragon fruit

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