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Monsieur Le Baron - Walking in the woods 30ml
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  • Monsieur Le Baron - Walking in the woods 30ml

Madame La Baronne - At the beach 30ml

Come and discover an ultra fruity and fresh concentrated aroma. A trip to the beach, feet in the water and a refreshing glass in your hand. Enjoy the view in peace. Find all the striking freshness of the sea mixed with a good handcrafted lemonade with yellow lime. Sweet and tart flavors blend together to form a recipe that is both sweet and intense.

A great way to refresh yourself concentrated into an exceptional flavor.

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A well-deserved refreshment after the beach

Accompany Madame la Baronne- To the beach this afternoon.

After a few hours in the sun, the thirst is felt. Madame la Baronne has prepared a fresh, homemade lemonade exclusively for you. Discover the know-how of Madame la Baronne. A delicious sparkling water and lemons. Ripe, sun-drenched lemons are gently squeezed to extract their juice. Recover and mix with sparkling water, you already feel all the freshness of the citrus fruit. Add a little sugar and you have the best refreshing drink ever.

To make this moment perfect, add some ice cubes and enjoy your lemonade with your feet in the water.

So this afternoon with Madame la Baronne - At the beach? Convinced? Try it now! You will not be able to do without it!


Some information about the product

You want to test the range of Madame la Baronne and Monsieur le Baron? You will not be disappointed! The brand is made in France and packaged in a 30 ml bottle. This concentrated aroma is perfect for your DIY preparations. You can when making your juice, add a nicotine booster.

Let yourself be tempted by a refreshing aroma.


A desire to escape?

You want to discover something else? Then you'll love Mister Baron - Prepare the snack. An ultra gourmet yet subtle blend of crispy wafer, melting caramel and raspberries.

A delicious treat for your taste buds.

If you are one of those who swear by fruit, then Madame la Baronne - Stroll in the Woods is for you. A mix between blackcurrant, wild strawberry and a touch of frost. Don't wait any longer and come and try the whole range of Monsieur le Baron and Madame la Baronne.


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