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Monsieur Le Baron - Pastry making 30ml
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  • Monsieur Le Baron - Pastry making 30ml

Madame La Baronne - Walking in the woods 30ml

Come and discover a concentrate of ultra fruity and fresh flavors. A gathering in the undergrowth in search of sweet and intense strawberries and blackcurrants. To make an exceptional recipe by keeping the fruit in the center, Madame La Baronne adds a wind of freshness to revive and intensify this recipe already so perfect.

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A walk 100% fruit

Madame la Baronne suggests a walk in the woods in late afternoon.

With the sun not so high in the sky and a more reasonable heat, hurry to take your basket and your walking stick to the woods.

At the bend of a path, a bed of strawberries offers itself to you. Grab them and put them in your basket. Look up to catch the blackcurrants right in front of you. Back in the kitchen, Madame la Baronne selects for you the best strawberries and blackcurrants that have had time to enjoy and soak up the sun. Ripe to the point and ultra juicy, the fruits will enter into a subtle dance to match perfectly. Enjoy sweet, juicy strawberries paired with more intense, rougher black currants to spice up this recipe. To make the mix perfect, Madame la Baronne adds a swirl of freshness.

There you have it, the best of the concentrates for your DIY.


A few pointers on Madame la Baronne - Walking in the Woods

This aroma is ultra concentrated. It contains all the know-how and accuracy of a walk in the woods. This concentrate is made in France in a 30 ml bottle. A perfect aroma for the preparation of your DIY. It is possible thereafter to add a booster of nicotine in order to pigment your juice. To you to play!

Let yourself be tempted by all the subtlety of this flavor and place your order quickly to test it!


The range of Madame la Baronne does not stop there!

You have discovered an ultra powerful and fruity aroma, but wait to discover the other perfumes of Madame la Baronne and Monsieur le Baron.

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You also have Done a Safari. A subtle mix between yellow lemon and soursop lemon.

You have plenty of other choices in the range of Madame la Baronne. Don't wait any longer to come and try the new products!


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