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Belgi'Ohm- Red Dingus Concentre 30ml
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  • Belgi'Ohm- Red Dingus Concentre 30ml

Monsieur Le Baron - Prepare the snack 30ml

Discover a sublime and fragrant concentrated flavor. A crisp, golden wafer with juicy raspberries and a caramel coulis.
An exquisite preparation for DIY enthusiasts.
Come and try it!

Hungry like a wolf?

Are you hungry? Monsieur le Baron has prepared an ultra tasty snack. Sit down at the table and enjoy the crunchy and melting wafers. Bite into this cookie and discover a note of sweetness brought by an ultra-melting caramel coulis. A delightful treat! Be careful, don't crunch your fingers! Add fresh raspberries to this sweetness to break up the taste of sugar and give this recipe a fruity note. You will come back again and again... To consume without moderation.

Monsieur le Baron, offers you a concentrated flavour exclusively for the taste to give you a break from pleasure.

The last hours before the meal will pass more quickly.

Don't wait any longer to come and test Monsieur le Baron - Prépare le goûter.


Some information about this flavor

Monsieur le Baron - Prépare le goûter is a French brand. You will find this flavor in a 30 ml bottle. It is possible to add a nicotine booster in the preparation of your DIY. You will love the range of Madame la Baronne and Monsieur le Baron. Concentrated flavors greedy, fruity and fresh. Find easily the one that suits you and will embark you in a crazy story.


What if you tried a new flavor?


You want to try something new? You've come to the right place.

Monsieur le Baron offers other flavors like Fait de la pâtisserie. A cookie just out of the oven, golden brown. Its exterior is crunchy and its interior is soft. A perfect cookie with a delicious creamy vanilla ice cream.

Don't wait any longer and go on an adventure in the range of Monsieur le Baron and Madame la Baronne.



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30 ml
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