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Fcukin' Flava - Freezy Mango 30ML
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  • Fcukin' Flava - Freezy Mango 30ML

Fcukin' Flava - Freezy Mango 30ML

Fcukin Flava's Freezy Mango Concentrate 30ml is an amazing recipe that comes straight from Malaysia.

Find the most exotic flavors in a concentrate of green mango and mint. A vape that has all the Malaysian assets to please between the freshness and fruit!

This aroma provides a perfect balance between flavors and steam.

Discover Fcukin Flava in different versions and travel from the first puff!

A soothing blend

Come and discover a blend between green mango and fresh mint.

Imagine yourself in Malaysia, with their beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see. You sip a traditional green tea with pieces of green mango cut on the side to accompany this break with a maximum of freshness and greed.

You won't forget this amazing taste in a hurry! Let yourself be transported by the intense taste of the fruit. Find all the culture and flavor of traditional green tea in a concentrated aroma. Add a touch of freshness to bind this recipe together.


Some recommendations to follow

This juice should be served chilled and especially sitting comfortably to savor all the notes of this recipe. Travel to Malaysia with your taste buds! This break will give you the best soothing effects to resume your day. Fcukin Flava is fruit and freshness guaranteed with every puff!


Practical information

This concentrated flavor is offered in a 30 ml bottle to contain all the colors and flavors of green mango and fresh mint from Malaysia.

You can create an e-liquid to your image with this concentrated flavor perfect for DIY blends. It is possible to add a booster of nicotine or CBD to your juice. Dilute them in a PG/VG base and you will get the perfect juice!

This recipe blends very well with a wide range of flavors and aromas to create the juice of your choice.

One thing to say: Let your creativity speak for itself and your taste buds will be the most delighted!


Looking for something new?

If you like this concentrated flavor, then you'll love the rest of the line.

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Have a sweet break with Fcukin' Munkey: A mix between honeydew melon and always a breath of freshness with fresh mint.

You want to spend a day fruity and refreshing at the same time? Come and try Fcukin Flava!

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