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Jungle Wave – Gold Stream concentre 10ml
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  • Jungle Wave – Gold Stream concentre 10ml

Jungle Wave – Gold Stream concentre 10ml

Take strawberries and dragon fruit with a hint of freshness and an ultra gourmet cotton candy! You'll get Gold Stream, a sublime and fruity aroma!

A tropical red sunset

Gold Stream by Jungle Wave is a concentrated aroma based on strawberries and dragon fruit with a hint of sweetness!

Jungle Wave invites you to a fruity and fresh journey between the subtlety of strawberry and the mellowness of dragon fruit. Jungle Wave has transcribed all the power, intensity and strong taste of each fruit in a flavor just for you! The vapoteurs adepts of the DIY will enjoy these highly gourmet flavors.

A colorful mix

Jungle Wave, offers you a colorful mix associated with the sweetness of a cotton candy!

Discover a fruity mix brought by the fruits, a sweet note by the cotton candy and a frosted freshness to intensify the whole. A recipe all in sweetness and greediness...

Imagine a concentrated aroma full of fresh fruit, bursting with sunshine, revived by a touch of freshness. To make this flavor perfect, Jungle Wave adds a cotton candy. So it makes you want? Want to try and enjoy Gold Steam? You will not be disappointed of the trip!

Hold on to your seatbelts, a checker of vitamins will hit your palate and wake up your taste buds!

Some information about this concentrated flavor

Developed in Malaysia and assembled in France, Jungle Wave seeks new recipes to make you salivate with desire throughout the day. Always available in a bottle of 10ml you will be able to enjoy this aroma as you like throughout the day.

This aroma is perfect for mixing into your DIY. It should be prepared with a base of PG / VG preferably 15% for the dosage. You can add a booster afterwards. It is up to you to manage your juice.

Envy of change?

You have already tasted the range of Jungle Wave? Then you'll love the new flavors! Flavours as full of fruit and freshness as ever. But this time, Jungle Wave offers a new formula of flavors!

Test our range now. And discover another mysterious scent with Lime Cirrus. A blend of lemon, lime and ginger. Still wrapped in an icy coat, Jungle Wave includes a touch of caramel!

If you want 100% fruit and no sugar you have Yellow Sunshine. An ultra tangy mix with different citrus fruits and a touch of frost!

So convinced by the Jungle Wave Gold Stream proposal?

Order now your flavor and taste it first !


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