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Jungle Wave – Lime Cirrus concentre 10ml
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  • Jungle Wave – Lime Cirrus concentre 10ml

Jungle Wave – Lime Cirrus concentre 10ml

Lime Cirrus is simply lemon and lime. Freshness guaranteed. Jungle Wave integrates a hint of fresh ginger to slice and intensify this taste so intense!

Jungle Wave unveils a new ultra greedy and powerful concentrate: Lime Cirrus

Composed of lemon, lime, ginger and a sugary sweetness ...

Let yourself be lulled by an acidic mixture and always so much freshness contained in a bottle of 10 ml. You will love this association !

A journey to Asia!

Jungle Wave invites you to an extraordinary journey between the yellow lemon and the ginger of China through the lime of the Antilles. A real cultural and gustatory journey that the brand makes for you in a concentrated aroma.

All the flavors present will awaken your taste buds to make them spend a moment of pure happiness!

Let the flavors and fragrances guide you in a story of citrus.

With its juicy and acidic flesh, the yellow lemon invigorates and stimulates your senses associated with the lime. This one brings acid and bitter flavors by its ultra juicy flesh. In order to cut through the intensity of the lemons, the ginger brings its inimitable spiciness to this recipe!

To keep the recipe balanced and perfectly balanced in the mouth, Jungle Wave adds a sweetness to delicately coat the citrus.

Let yourself be lulled at first by a sweetness and gradually discover the intensity of lemons raised by a note of ginger. The perfect mix for an ultra pleasant break.

Imagine this recipe as a candy. Let it melt in your mouth and indulge in the sweetness!

Jungle Wave - Lime Cirrus gives you a candy-like moment of pleasure with a hint of freshness. Escape from reality with the first whiff of Lime Cirrus!

Some information about this flavor

Developed in Malaysia and packaged in France, Jungle Wave offers a multitude of fruity flavors to treat you throughout the day.

You will find this concentrated flavor in a 10 ml bottle. To enjoy in the best conditions this flavor, it is preferable to make a dosage of 10 to 15% in a base of PG / VG 50/50.

So, order now your aroma! It will provide you with a greedy break to no end.


A desire to escape?

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A mixture of fruit associated with a touch of "candy cotton" for the greatest pleasure of vapoteurs! Finally a candy for the big kids!

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So, come and try them all! There's one for you!
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