Tribal Force - Water Blue 30ML

You won't be able to resist the sweetness of the licorice candy associated with wild fruits melting in the mouth, the whole filled with an incomparable freshness... Irresistible even!


Licorice, red fruits and a touch of freshness

Go for a walk and pick the best forest fruits of the region. Strawberries, blackberries, red currants and blackcurrants... A full of vitamins exclusively for you!

To bring a second taste to this fruit mix, Tribal Force adds licorice and a touch of freshness. Leave to the adventure from the first puff of Water Blue.

Recommended dosage: 12 to 15%.

Steep: 1 to 2 weeks

Made in France

A wild harvest

With Water Blue, you'll be on an adventure from the first whiff. Dive into the icy lakes of the Alps. Then head out to pick wild berries. Delicately slip a licorice candy in your mouth and enjoy all the greediness of this recipe. Fresh, fruity and sweet! A subtle mixture to please the most greedy of the vapoteurs.

Wake up your animal instinct and crunch these wild fruits, which will stimulate your taste buds. Feel all this nature that surrounds you.

This is what Tribal Force offers you in its new concentrate Water Blue.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath of Water Blue! Let yourself be transported into a fruity and fresh universe. From the undergrowth to the mountain lake, let yourself be lulled by this sublime recipe!


Some information about this product

Water Blue is an overboost made in France by Tribal Force. The concentrated flavor is offered in a bottle of 30 ml without nicotine. You can boost it as you wish afterwards.

Its perfect base is PG / VG is 30 / 70. Check beforehand if your vape is compatible with this DIY.

Ask for advice and order directly from Cig Access, the supplier and wholesaler of materials and juices for electronic cigarettes.


Want more flavor?

Tribal Force offers new flavors all gourmet. Let yourself be lulled by these fruits and tasty associations.

If you want to taste an ultra fruity and fresh juice, it is Blood Red that you need. A subtle mix of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

If you are more gourmand, then Earth Yellow will make your happiness. A mix of vanilla custard, a touch of caramel and popcorn. The perfect combo to spend an evening on TV.

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Data sheet

Flavor Type
30 ml
E-liquid Type
Red fruits

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