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Monsieur Le Baron - black x 30ml
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  • Monsieur Le Baron - black x 30ml

Monsieur Le Baron - black x 30ml

Discover an ultra gourmet concentrated flavor. Mr Le Baron prepares a bowl of fresh black fruits to start the day.

An exquisite preparation for DIY lovers. You won't be able to do without it!

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A detour in the woods

Mr. Baron accompanies you to pick wild berries: blackberries and blackcurrants. Walk in the forest to choose and taste the best black bais. They have had time to soak up the sun and sugar to give you the best in your mouth. Tart black berries that bring character to this recipe. But also a sweet and mild touch that underlines the delicacy of the forest. To make this composition perfect, Mr Baron adds ice cream. A link will be created between fruity and iced giving pep's in mouth to every puff.

Do not wait any more to come to discover the best of Black X 30ml! It is waiting for you.

Some information on this concentrated flavor

Mr. Le Baron develops gourmet blends packaged in France. In this bottle of 30 ml, contains all the flavor of a concentrated flavor ultra greedy and sweet at once.

This new aroma delivers an exceptional flavor that will seduce your palate at the first inspiration.

Come and enjoy juicy and pulpy blackberries and fleshy blackcurrants in an exceptional recipe with an invigorating touch of freshness.

Discover the other concentrates of the range

Did you like the range, Mr Baron? Then come and taste Cannoli 30ml! An ultra gourmet concentrate with the good taste of Sicilian Cannoli. Good vanilla ice cream and a caramel coulis on top. A real treat for the taste buds.

Are you tempted by an Italian-style ice cream? Enjoy a huge creamy ice cream with a caramel sauce to start the day or simply to accompany your meal!

In the Mr Baron range, you will discover different universes with always as much greediness as for the fruity and fresh ones.

Don't wait any longer and come and test the new range of Mr Baron!


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