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Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • New
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml
  • Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml

Digiflavor - Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml

Exclusive to Cig Access!

The MTL expert who earned the reputation returns with a more accurate linear AFC for a better, cleaner MTL experience and an improved bridge design for a more convenient mounting experience. SIREN's exclusive flavor evolves to another level.

Digiflavor introduces the ultimate MTL ato the Siren MTL RTA V4 with a 2ml capacity and top fill. Airflow control is provided to have a stimulating flavor through the tray. It allows for easy mounting on the GTA single coil design tray. With a long or short drip tip and precise airflow control, you enjoy a wonderful MTL experience at ease.

The GTA deck design prevents liquid from leaking, it allows airflow to rise directly under the coil, creating optimal flavor.

The two-column single coil style deck, 4 types of MTL coils and exclusive lace cotton for 2.0/2.5mm diameter coils. Only in Digiflavor!


A remastered version of the Siren 25 GTA!

You probably know the Siren 25 GTA? Digiflavor returns with a product superior to its former version: The Siren 2 GTA MTL. Find the sensations of the normal cigarette in a rebuildable atomizer.

Looking closer, you discover a design ultra clean, modern, classy and simple at the same time.

Its finish is perfect with the integration of the logo under the pyrex.

You can find this product in different colors:

- Silver

- Gunmetal

- Black

- Rainbow.

Among these beautiful variations, there is one that you want?

On top of that, it easily matches your mod! You will be able to boast in front of your colleagues of work with an ultra design and powerful atomizer. Its quality of drawing is out of the ordinary! What to interest a lot of vapoteurs ...


A rebuildable atomizer

Digiflavor presents here its new model: a rebuildable atomizer in single coil.

It is perfect for vapers looking for direct inhalation.

The atomizer has a capacity of 4.5 ml to fully enjoy your liquid as long as possible.

To make this atomizer even more powerful, the filling is from the top and it has a diameter of 24 mm. This is really not bad for an atomizer of this size. Digiflavor wants to do even better by equipping its sprayer with the 510 connector. It can be associated with many boxes easily.



To do more and more, the Siren v4 MTL RTA 2ml has a tray that can accommodate larger single coil assembly. A little thing to know about this little jewel, both posts are very robust thanks to the screws with flat impressions! This allows to tighten the legs of the resistors more easily and permanently.

On its plate, the Siren v4 includes 3 small and long air inlets. This allows to cool the coil on its entirety.

And finally the icing on the cake, the atomizer has an adjustable airflow Siren 2 GTA adjustable with the ring at its base. There are up to 9 different positions for a lighter or tighter vape.

It only remains for you to acquire this little wonder!

Exclusively at Cig Access !


Features :

Brand Digisaveur
Model Siren MTL RTA V4
Silver color
Type of product Reconstructible atomizer
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 2,0 ml
Reconstructible Coil Reconstructible Coil
Airflow Adjustable airflow
Thread Type 510
Replaceable coil Non-replaceable coil
Slip Tip With Drip Tip
Reservoir Material PEI
Package 1 x Siren MTL RTA V4, 4 x Cotton, 4 x DIY MTL Coils, 1 x Replacement Drip Tip 510, 1 x Accessory Kit, 2 x Replacement Slotted Screw
Weight 50g (1.76oz)
Diameter 22 mm (0.87 inch)
Depth 22 mm (0.87 inch)
Height 51 mm (2.01 inches)
Width 22 mm (0.87 inch)

Livré en kit :

  • 1x Siren MTL RTA V4
  • 4x Cotton
  • 4x DIY MTL Coils
  • 1x Spare 510 Drip Tip
  • 1x Accessory Kit
  • 2x Spare Slot Screw

Data sheet

2 ml

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