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Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
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  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5
  • Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5

Vaze Jet - POMME MURE x5

Vaze Jet whose flavor is composed of a mixture of Apple and Blackberry.

MSRP : 5.90


VAZEJET - Detailed description

The VazeJet is the most compact and lightweight inhaler ever. Its dimensions are inspired by those of a tobacco cigarette and its price much lower than that of a pack of cigarettes make it a must-have facilitating the transition of smokers to vaping.

Designed to facilitate recycling, the VazeJet is ready to use and allows you to keep your smoking habits.

It activates automatically upon inhalation. No button to press!

A single-use inhaler that generates around 240 puffs (equivalent to puffs obtained from 20 cigarettes), the VazeJet is pre-filled with 100% vegetable-based e-liquids in different flavors and with a patented formulation.

The effects of the nicotine in VazeJet are felt by the user within seconds.

VAZEJET - The strong points

By adopting VazeJet, you will benefit from:

  • the most compact and lightest inhaler ever;
  • in the same way as with a cigarette;
  • about 240 puffs (equivalent to 20 cigarettes);
  • savings of up to 50% compared to your cigarette purchases;
  • a ready-to-use device - strong, reliable and easy to use;
  • a made in France innovation created to facilitate smokers' transition to vaping;
  • consumption without combustion generating no ash, tar or bad odors;
  • of 15 flavors developed in France allowing everyone to find what they are looking for;
  • 2 nicotine levels to select according to your needs;
  • 100% vegetable-based e-liquids whose patented formulation allows you to feel the effects of inhaled nicotine in seconds;
  • different levels of power in the throat to be selected according to your expectations; and
  • ESPECIALLY, a product whose e-liquids do not contain, unlike cigarettes, any carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic component!

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Ready to vape

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