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Dotmod- offer 8+4 Free Dotstick Revo V1.5

Today, Cig Access and Dotmod have joined forces for a common goal: to bring you the new DotStick Revo 1.5.

Let yourself be seduced by Dotmod's new product. One click and your DotStick Revo 1.5 is in your shopping cart. Please note that no color selection will be applied. Only chance will do...

If you have any questions, our team is at your disposal. Don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

Please note:

Pack contenant 12 dotstick revo 1.5:

3 red, 3 blue, 3 grey, 3 black dont 4 offertes.

Battery side

Thanks to this energy storage solution, equivalent to a 700mah battery, the need for traditional batteries in the future is obsolete. Given the low internal resistance of supercapacitors, they can achieve high charge and discharge currents. Traditional devices can take several hours to fully charge - a cell phone battery is a good example - whereas supercapacitors can reach the same state of charge in just a few minutes.

Life cycle and safety

When abused, supercapacitor batteries are safer than standard batteries. When short-circuited, batteries tend to spontaneously ignite due to excessive heat. However, supercapacitors don't heat up as much due to their low internal resistance.
Short-circuiting a fully charged supercapacitor will result in a rapid release of stored energy, which can cause arcing and damage to the device, but unlike batteries, the heat generated is not a problem.

Power side

The specific energy of a battery or supercapacitor is a measure used to evaluate different technologies in terms of maximum power divided by the total mass of the device. Supercapacitors have a specific power 5 to 10 times greater than that of batteries. For example, while Li-ion batteries have a specific power of 1 to 3 kW/kg, a typical supercapacitor has a specific power of around 10 kW/kg. This property is particularly important in applications requiring the storage device to release energy in short bursts.

Compatibility and adaptability

Whether you're vaping with MTL or DTL, you have the option of vaping with classic nicotine or nicotine salts, thanks to a multitude of options. The Revo can deliver between 5 and 35 watts and uses one of our famous dotCoils, rated at over 0.3 ohms. Did you know that our new dotCoils are also compatible with the dotAIO V2 and dotTank 25mm?

Please note: the REVO Dotstick does not work with 0.15Ω dotCoils.

Supplied with :

Revo dotStick
3.5 ml reservoir (PCTG)
One dotCoil 0.7 Ohm
One 0.9 Ohm dotCoil
Additional Drip Tip

Features :

Supercapacitor equivalent to a 700 mAh lithium-ion battery
3.5 ml reservoir
Output range 5w - 35w
Compatible with all dotCoils 0.3 ohm or higher (dotAIO V2 & dotTank 25mm)
5-minute charge with 30w + charger (sold separately)
Available in 4 colors (Black, Grey, Blue, Red)


Data sheet

3.5 ml
Accu type
Integrated battery
Kit/Mod type
Ohm Ω
0.9 Ω
Ohm Ω
0.7 Ω

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